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Women Fly Fishing is a page of gear especially for women who are serious about fly fishing.

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Patty Barnes at Rocky Ridge Ranch, a great place to go fishing !!!  Why Fly Fish?  
Women's Spey Clave
Babes In Spey Land
Women's Fly Club
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Just before the dorado gave up!

Patty's PowerPoint presentation about women fly fishing: "Girls Can!"

Why Fly Fish?
Women probably have been fly fishing for as long as men. The first book about about fishing published in the English language was written by a women.  The following is quoted from The Origins of Angling a book written by John McDonald in 1957, "Surprisingly, what is thought to be the first published essay on sport fishing -  The Treatise of Fishing With an Angle - is also believed to have been written by a women: Dame Juliana Berners, by legend a nun and a noblewomen and the first of her gender to write a work published in English."  McDonald goes on to translate the Treatise from old English into modern readable English.  The book describes many aspects of fishing and the fishing tackle used in 1496 when the manuscript was published.  There is even a chapter about how to forge a fish hook from a needle.  Why not needles were most likely a women's tool.  Evidently steel hooks weren't readily   available. 

People were fishing with flies part of the time during this era.  The original twelve fly patterns to appear in the English language are in the Treatise.  The book is very informative and well organized.  Angle means angel.  Hence the words "angling and angler".  The oldest artifacts that could be called flies are bird feathers and hair attached to bone or ivory hooks and are thousands of years old.  Some were probably made by women.  It just seems natural.  Certainly Dame Juliana tied and caught fish with her own flies more than 500 years ago.  There is no doubt that women can excel at the sport of fly fishing.  They probably always have, when given a chance.  This page is an attempt to make the sport of fly fishing more accessible to women.

Sandy River Spey Clave, 2011
Women's Spey Day 2011!!!

"The original and only one of its kind in the world!"
May, Friday 13, 2011 the luckiest day of the year.
Babes in Spey Land - Women are welcomed as equals in our fly fishing community.
Agenda for 2011 in the works now.

Babes In Spey Land
Steelhead are notoriously hard to catch with a fly rod. From my perspective winter steelhead are probably more challenging than Permit, which are considered the most vexing of flats fish. At least when fishing for Permit you usually know that you are fishing where there are fish because you can see them. Often when fishing a big river for steelhead, you really don't know whether steelhead are around your fly until one pulls on your line. To take the sport to an even higher level, steelhead are even trickier when fishing the swung fly. And maybe the highest level of achievement might be considered learning how to cast and catch steelhead with the two-hand fly rod. Nearly every fish in this pictorial essay was caught with a two-hander from big water draining the west coast of North America. Every one was caught by a female angler. Women excelling in the sport of fly fishing hasn't just happened since the liberation following WWII. Fact of the matter is, the first book on fishing published in the English language was authored by a woman, a nun, Dame Juliana Berners. It's title "Treatyse of Fysshynge Wyth an Angle" gives us the word "angling". It's fitting that the "birth" of our sport starts with a women. This year's Sandy River Spey Clave starts with an all female cast of performers and presenters. All of the women on this page will be involved with the 2009 Clave. Some will be teaching. Others will be managing the various events and making sure we are all having a good time. Girls and steelhead seem to go together. In my nearly thirty years of guiding no more than 5% of my clientele has been female, but I have a huge portfolio of pictures of women holding steelhead they have caught. It stands to reason that girls would adapt to the two-hand rod, a tool that demands finesse. May 15 will feature the first all female program of presentations by female spey casters. We say welcome ladies! We're glad to share our water with you. Click each picture for more information about the women who are adding this new dimension to The Sandy River Spey Clave.
Patty Barnes Marcy Stone... 
Adrienne Comeau Kati Reid
Mary Ann Dozer Lurah Klaas
Mia Sheppard Tilda Runner
Olga Koran Whitney Gould

The Federation of Fly Fishers 
Stonefly Maidens
Local Women's Fly Fishing Club. 
The Oregon FFF Club Of The Year.  
Lots of fish-a-longs and educational programs for women!

WINSTON ROD CO. since 1929.

5-Weight Rod
8-Weight Rod

JOAN WULFF FAVORITES             Joan Wulff Casting Video           Joan Wulff Casting DVD
One of the foremost authorities on fly casting in the world, Joan Wulff believes women anglers need lighter rods and smaller grips.  Consequently, she helped design a specialized grip for her favorite trout rod,  the Winston 9-foot 5-weight BIIIX Series, and also her favorite salmon/steelhead/saltwater rod, the 9-foot 8-weight BIIIX.  Both of these rods, are extremely lightweight and a delight to cast.  They come equipped with a special smaller diameter grip which features a thumb grove for proper hand positioning.

590-4 BIIIX JWF Length: 9'      Line: #5     Pieces: 4
Joan Wulff is acknowledged as one of the great fly caster of all time. Her fly fishing school has taught thousands of anglers to cast better. Joan has put her own imprint on this rod by designing a handle that helps position your thumb to help you perfect your casting stroke. Light, powerful, smooth, fun to cast. Able to cast in close with small flies, and yet capable of generating significant line speeds to punch into strong winds or cover longer distances with larger flies without feeling stiff. This is what fishing can be like on larger rivers - sometimes you need a rod that can do everything. Like a top-of-the-line sports car: you can "feel" that the power is in your hands, in your control.
Rod weight: 2 1/2 ounces.
Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
590-4 BIIIX-JWF 5 Fast Thumb Spot $770

890-4 BIIIX JWF Length: 9'      Line: #8     Pieces: 4
Joan Wulff is acknowledged as one of the great fly caster of all time. Her fly fishing school has taught thousands of anglers to cast better. Joan has put her own imprint on this rod by designing a handle that helps position your thumb to help you perfect your casting stroke. This new 9-foot 8-weight Boron was designed to generate extremely fast line speeds to cast wind resistant flies in challenging conditions without giving up feel. This rod can load quickly when casting to skittish bonefish or redfish up close, or make very long casts on demand. The very high line speed allows you to "punch" casts directly into strong winds. Outstanding for both saltwater and freshwater.
Rod weight: 3 1/2 ounces.
Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
890-4 BIIIX-JWF 8 Fast Thumb Spot $783

Joan Wulff Video

Casting For Recovery
Cancer patients get help from Temple Fork Outfitters when your gal gets one of these new rods!

Billie Jean Bachmann models rod for Casting For Recovery.

Casting For Recovery, founded in 1996, is a national non-profit support and educational program for women who have or have had breast cancer. CFR provides an opportunity for women whose lives have been profoundly affected by the disease to gather in a beautiful, natural setting and learn fly-fishing, "a sport for life." Just as importantly, they offer an opportunity to meet new friends and have fun.

CFR offers free retreats throughout the country, incorporating counseling, educational services, and the sport of fly-fishing to promote mental and physical healing. Fly fishing techniques provide a gentle exercise for joint and soft tissue mobility. The dynamics of fly fishing provide a healing connection to the natural world, relieving everyday stress, and promoting a sense of calm. These retreats also offer a forum for women with similar experiences to meet, learn a new skill, and gain a respite from their everyday concerns. Any woman who has experienced breast cancer is eligible to attend a retreat (with medical clearance from their physicians). Casting For Recovery relies on local volunteers and organizations to support their community based retreats. CFR is holding 34 retreats in 23 states this year. http://www.castingforrecovery.org/

Through the combined efforts of Wanda Taylor, Donna Teeny, and Lefty Kreh, Temple Fork Outfitters has created two unique fly rods built specifically to benefit "Casting for Recovery"; an 8'6" 5-weight and a 9' 8-weight. CFR rods are built on translucent purple blanks with pink lettering inscribed with the words "Supporting Casting For Recovery & Hope" and will include a distinctive pink rod sock. A $25 contribution will be made to Casting For recovery for every CFR rod that is

purchased through an authorized TFO dealer such as: The Fly Fishing Shop
Weches, Oregon.
Proud to help!



Length:  8' 6"   Line: #5     Pieces: 4   

Very popular all-round trout rod. Is very lightweight, but is an authoritative casting tool at any normal fishing range.  Fishes all sizes of trout flies.
Rod weight:  3.8 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
TFO-05864 CFR 5 Med-Fast 1 $149.95


Length:      Line: #     Pieces:    

Very popular rod for big bass, steelhead, salmon & light saltwater fishing.  Is based on popular Pro Series rod.
Rod weight: 4.4 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
TFO-08904 CFR 8 Med-Fast 2 $159.95

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