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"A big shout out to all of you at the Fly Fishing Shop! What an outstanding Spey Fishing class yesterday. The instruction was top notch. One of the instructors Marcy, Travis, or Josh were always there for us.Just an awesome day.The weather was typical and even magical for this time of year with rain, fog and even a little wind at times. Your team really knew their subject and all were extremely proficient with the equipment.The entire outing was such a kick I cant wait to do it again.I am really impressed with the Spey Fishing technique, from the traditional up to and including the modern. What a Hoot!"

Dave Beedle

Hello Flyfishusa,
     I've just returned to my office after attending my introductory class
on Spey Casting. I wanted to personally thank Mark Bachmann for his great
approach to teaching. I learned so much in the 4 hour class. His patience
and eye for technique were exceptional. I would gladly recommend this class
to any angler who fishes our waters! Not only that, I learned a whole heck
of a lot more about Steelhead on the fly than I had ever known before.
Thanks for the great day,
Andrew"ap emerger"Pibal
Portland, OR

A salute to Mark Bachmann and Brian Silvey for a great
Steelhead School on the Deschutes River yesterday.  The instructions and demonstrations were thorough and professional.  The BBQ steak at lunch was tasty and the afternoon nap most welcome.  But, most important, I landed my first Deschutes steelie after more than 20 years of unsuccessful attempts on my own.  And what a marvelous wild fish it was:  something under 15 pounds yesterday when I released it, I find it has grown to something under 20 pounds this morning and I would not be surprised to find that it is something under 25 pounds by weeks end.  One Suggestion:  the curriculum should include instruction on holding the Spey rod and the fish for the photo so the student doesn’t fumble the fish too many times before the guide can take the photo.  

Thanks for a great fishing experience.  

Jim Andrews

I attended your seminars on Saturday.  They were awesome!  Some of the best
presentations I have seen, including the sportsman show this year.  This is
the first time I have attended your presentations - although I drop in
periodically on my way to the Deschutes.  I will stop by again when you do
this the next time.

I spoke with you at the counter for a bit about your website and use of
website in sales.  You are doing a great service to those of us who fly
fish.  Keep up the great work.  Thanks for all the help you and and your
staff provide.

Rick Aman

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