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Try Before You Buy - Spey Line Program
Well you just read a thread on the Spey Pages about some new whiz-banger fly line and it only costs a heck of a lot more than you really want to risk of your hard earned money.  What if you don't like it?  It's going to be hard to take back a used spey line.  What if you could try that new fly line before you buy it.  And what if you could try that new line and a couple other competing brands while you were at it.  That would lower your risk and elevate your knowledge at the same time.   Sounds like a program we would like to have access to ourselves.  That is why we put together the vast collection of spey lines listed below, so we would have the tools with which to learn.  Now we can share this collection of spey lines with you, so that you can make better inform decisions and purchases.  
We trust that you will find the program useful and the prices extremely fair.
Not available August 17,18,19,20.  These lines will be at the PHD Steelhead School.

The Fly Fishing Shop – Line / Reel – Rental Agreement
A credit card must be presented at the time of rental. Rental fees, late fees and fees for damaged equipment will charged to this card. The customer also will be charged the full value of any equipment not returned within 24 hours.  At this point the sale of rented equipment will be considered final.   Line/Reel Combos and Rods are rented on a per day basis.  A day ends at 6:00pm.  If equipment is not returned by 6:00pm, the customer will be charged for an additional day.  Equipment must be returned in the same condition as when taken.  Customer understands that he/she will be charged for damaged or missing parts.
A deposit for the full value of the equipment rented, will be charged to your credit card before the equipment leaves The Fly Fishing Shop.   The customer’s credit card will be credited when the equipment is returned.  Fees for rental fee, late fees and/or charges for damaged equipment will be deducted from this credit.
Rental Fees:  Each Reel = $25  Each Line = $25  
$50.00 of the rental fee may be used as credit toward the purchase of spey rods, reels, or lines if used within 3 calendar days.  Leaders and Flies are at your own expense.  The Fly Fishing Shop is not responsible for any in injury incurred while using this rental equipment.  Rentals by appointment only.  Appointment to rent equipment must be made at least 24 hours in advance so that equipment can be assembled for you.

Rental Reels
STH Cassette Reels are used to keep expenses as low as possible.
(  ) Rental Reel #1 – Value $500 – Rental Cost - $25 – Useable credit when returned $50.00 
(  ) Rental Reel #2 – Value $500 – Rental Cost - $25 – Useable credit when returned $50.00
      Reel Rental Fee: $____ . ____  Date: ___/___/___
Rental Lines

Rio WindCutter with tips (value $150 ea.)
Rental Cost - $25 – Useable credit when returned $50.00

(  ) 5/6 Rio WindCutter (no tips) (Value $75) 

(  ) 6/7/8 Rio WindCutter with tips

(  ) 7/8/9 Rio WindCutter with tips

(  ) 8/9/10 Rio WindCutter with tips

(  ) 9/10/11 Rio WindCutter with tips

WindCutter  Rental Fee: $____ . ____ 
Date: ___/___/___

Scientific Anglers XLT  (value $75 ea.)
Rental Cost - $25 – Useable credit when returned $50.00 

(  ) 6/7 Scientific Anglers XLT 

(  ) 7/8 Scientific Anglers XLT 

(  ) 8/9 Scientific Anglers XLT 

(  ) 9/10 Scientific Anglers XLT 

XLT Rental Fee: $____ . ____ 
Date: ___/___/___

Rio MidSpey with tips (value $150 ea.)
Rental Cost - $25 – Useable credit when returned $50.00 

(  ) 6/7 Rio MidSpey with tips

(  ) 7/8 Rio MidSpey with tips

(  ) 8/9 Rio MidSpey with tips

(  ) 9/10 Rio MidSpey with tips

MidSpey Rental Fee: $____ . ____ 

Date: ___/___/___

Airflo Delta Spey with tips (value $120 ea.)
Rental Cost - $25 – Useable credit when returned $50.00 

(  ) 7/8 Airflo Delta Spey with tips

(  ) 8/9 Airflo Delta Spey with tips

(  ) 9/10 Airflo Delta Spey with tips

Delta Spey Rental Fee: $____ . ____ 

Date: ___/___/___


Rio GrandSpey (value $75 ea.)
Rental Cost - $25 – Useable credit when returned $50.00

(  ) 7/8 Rio GrandSpey

(  ) 8/9 Rio GrandSpey

(  ) 9/10 Rio GrandSpey

MidSpey Rental Fee: $____ . ____ 
Date: ___/___/___

Airflo Delta Long Spey (value $68 ea.)
Rental Cost - $25 – Useable credit when returned $50.00 

(  ) 7/8 Airflo Delta Long Spey

(  ) 8/9 Airflo Delta Long Spey

(  ) 9/10 Airflo Delta Long Spey

Delta Spey Rental Fee: $____ . ____ 
Date: ___/___/___

Total Rental Deposit: $_______   Total Rental Fees: $_______   Credit if returned: $_______

Customer Name:___________________________________________________________________




Credit Card:_________________________________Exp. Date:_____________________________

Drivers License:___________________________________State____________________________

Customer Signature_____________________________________________Date_____/_____/____


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