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Winston Boron/Graphite composites are the strongest and lightest fly fishing rods available.

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Why Winston Fly Rods are so amazingly tough !!!

We are often asked why American Made Winston BIIIX, BIIMX and BIIT fly rods cost more than those made off-shore.  Why are Winston BIIIX, BIIMX and BIIT rods are so much lighter per model than their competition?  And after mixing it up with some incredibly athletic ocean fish, we wondered how such lightweight rods could take so much abuse when others failed? 
For the answers, Winston gave us a look at what's inside that beautiful, shiny green BIIIX, BIIMX and BIIT blank.

Six layers (count them) of composites, that's like building the same rod six times; very labor intensive and expensive. The rod starts out with two helical wrapped graphite layers, then a layer of unidirectional Boron fibers, then two more helical graphite layers, then a unidirectional layer of graphite.  This combination results in very lightweight rods with incredible durability.

There is a 30-pound dorado under the boat.  This kind of dead-lift breaks many rods. This Black Marlin was brought to the boat in
less than one hour with a 12-weight BIIX, .

Pictured above are fly rod cross-sections.  Boron/graphite rods (left) are typically thinner and lighter, yet stronger than comparable all-graphite rods (right).

There are various factors that govern how a fishing rod will perform - including weight, flex and trajectory.  These performance features can be optimized by incorporating layers or "piles" of boron fibers into a graphite rod.  Boron fiber, originally developed for aerospace applications, is five times as strong and twice as stiff as steel, yet lighter in weight than aluminum.

Boron can add stability and up to 25% more strength to graphite fishing rods while reducing the overall weight.  This enables designers to create rods that throw a flatter line trajectory.

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