Winston LT Fly Rods best buy with free shipping!

 Winston LT Fly Rods best buy with free shipping.

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Winston LT,  5 - Piece Trout Rods

The Winston 5-Piece LT Series changed the way anglers travel with their rods.

After extensive testing, our shop people feel the Scientific Anglers Mastery XPS Double Taper is the best fly line choice, for the Winston LT Series fly rod action. 

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FREE LINE-LT Free Scientific Anglers Mastery XPS Double Taper fly line with any 2-6 weight Winston LT $FREE

These rods have changed the way anglers view multiple ferrule design. A major advance in rod building technology, the Winston 5-piece LT Trout Rod Series have slightly faster actions, while still retaining soft tips, smoothness and the distinctive "Winston action."   These are rods you can pack in a suitcase which will fish as comfortably as 2-piece rods. 

2-Weight. This beautiful little rod is designed for small stream fishing with size 16 or under dry flies. An excellent rod for Eastern waters.

3-Weight. The ideal rods for making gentle presentations to selective fish at short to medium distances. The 7'9" is a very smooth rod that's perfect for tighter casting situations. The 8'9" is great for a variety of situations, even when there's a little wind.

4-Weight. Offered in three lengths, these versatile, all-around rods can handle virtually all trout water.

5-Weight. From small dry flies to big streamers to wind to longer casts, this is one 5-weight that can do it all. The most popular rod we sell.

6-Weight. With the fastest action in the series, this is the rod for windy days, bigger rivers and larger flies.

Winston 5 - Piece LT Trout Rod Specifications & Prices
All LT Rods are medium-fast action except #2 which is medium action.  To Top  
LT Rods are equipped with Cigar shaped handles. 



Line Weight


Rod Weight Price  
LTT279 7' 9" #2 5 2 1/8 oz. $750

LTT379 7' 9" #3 5 2 3/4 oz. $750

LTT479 7' 9" #4 5 2 5/8 oz. $750

LTT483 8' 3" #4 5 3 oz. $750

LTT489 8' 9" #4 5 3 1/8 oz. $750

LTT589 8' 9" #5 5 3 1/4 oz. $750

LTT690 9' #6 5 3 3/8 oz. $750

  Most orders are shipped the same day as they are received.

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Trout  photo by: Mark Bachmann (Deschutes River - September) - all rights reserved.

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