Winston first introduced a Bamboo Fly Rod in 1929.
In 1934, Winston owner, Lew Stoner developed and patented a hollow-fluted bamboo fly rod design for use in tournament casting competitions. This design enabled Winston to dominate national competitions for decades and was an innovation which would change fly fishing forever.  It made bamboo fishing rods lighter and it made hollow fly rods popular.
In 1975 Winston introduced its first graphite fly rods.  These rods soon attracted a loyal following of experiences anglers.  By 1987 these rods had evolved into the popular IM6 Series.  Because of their harmonious personalities and graceful casting actions these rods have remained the first choice of many anglers.  In 1996 Winston introduced the 5-Piece LT Trout Rod Series which proved that travel rods can be pleasant casting rods.
 Boron has unique properties not found in graphite.  It is eight times stronger, five times more expensive, will take a great deal more stress and allows Winston to design lighter high-performance fly rods.
Boron fibers are made by vacuum depositing elemental boron particles onto a micro-thin tungsten filament.  The result is an ultra high modulus (61 msi) fiber that is still tough and resilient.  Winston uses it in combination with graphite because the material would simply be too stiff on its own.  It provides a very quick recovery rate, superior damping and very high breaking strength, not to mention powerful casting fly rods.
All Winston Rods are designed to be strong.  The addition of Boron, however, increases lifting strength substantially.  Axis Boron fibers in the butt section provide incredible added strength.  All of these new Boron rods will lift substantially more than other rods of equal weight. 
With the introduction of the 5-Piece LT Trout rod series, Winston changed the way anglers travel with their fly rods.  Short, compact rod cases are easier to pack into your luggage.  This is a distinct advantage when traveling.  When Winston introduced their BL5 Fly Rod Series, they again used the handy 5-piece format in a series of rods meant for even more rigorous conditions.  Whether your destination is a tiny spring creek or blue saltwater there is a 5-piece Winston fly rod designed specifically for the task.
These rods were designed with extreme conditions and extreme fly casters in mind.  They will suit the crowd that is in search of ever faster line speed and longer casts.
It's that special "feel" that comes when a rod is smooth, balanced and a joy to cast.

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