At Winston, rod building is a craft and has been for over 70 years.  Much of the process of making a Winston rod is done by hand.  Guides are hand wrapped, cork is pounded and hand sanded, the epoxy coating on the guide wraps is hand applied, all information is hand written on the rod, the reel seat is hand turned and buffed, the rod is hand inspected innumerable times and then cleaned before shipping.  When you hold one, it is easy to see the artistry with which each Winston is made, and why each comes with an unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.  
It takes up to 6 weeks to complete a Winston graphite rod from start to finish.  Each rod goes through 13 stations for quality control checks.  Up to 25 pairs of hands will handle a rod throughout the process.  
After the unique multi-coat process is applied to the guide wraps, the distinctive Winston logo is affixed and  each rod is hand inscribed with the rod series, individual serial number, length and line weight.
Winston handles are famous for their flawless texture and flowing ergonomic lines.  They fit the hand and are velvety smooth to the touch.  That is because Winston uses only the best wine cork, then each ring is hand fitted to the blank and then lathe turned in place. 
Winston makes up-locking, down-locking and slide band reel seats.  In the LT and IM6 Trout Series, all metal parts are fully machined from German Nickel Silver which is brought to a spectacular deep luster with repeated hand buffing. This jewelry is combined with walnut, birdseye maple, African zebrawood or cork spacers for that distinctive Winston look.  BL5 and XTR rods have equally distinctive fully 
machined and hand polished black anodized aircraft aluminum alloy real seats.  They are super tough and resistant to saltwater etc.

The rod pattern created by the design team maps out how each rod will perform in the field.  However, it is in the state-of-the-art climate controlled blank-rolling room where a Winston rod is first given life.  A wedge of graphite and/or boron is rolled onto a mandrel by hand

and placed on a platen rolling table where pressure is digitally monitored to ensure consistency.  The graphite is then wrapped with a special tape, cooked in an oven to activate the binding resins and then allowed to cool.  The mandrel and tape are removed and the new blank is strength tested with special machines.  The blank is then sanded to a fine micron finish and then deflected to ensure that it meets an exact flex pattern and will perform with the celebrated Winston Action...just for you.

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