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TFO Fly Fishing Rods   
Tenkara $225 NEW!  The Japanese Sensation that's sweeping the nation, Tenkara is a simplified method for fishing small streams for trout!
Don't miss Tenkarafest June 7, 2014!
Axiom  $289-$325 Designed for generating line speed and for distance casting. Generally speaking if you are an experienced caster who likes to cast off the tip of a rod, you will like Axiom Rods
Bluewater $335 Designed for lifting and fighting heavy fish. Presentation and distance casting aren't usually big factors, as most bluewater fish are teased or chummed close to the boat.
BVK  $250-$350 Designed to be easy to cast and present flies delicately under normal conditions to normal size fish. Not a lot of emphasis has been put on lifting heavy fish. Smooth presentation is the prime design factor.
Clouser  $274-$300 Designed for casting weighted flies, at normal fishing ranges, with moderate line speed, for maximum control.
CFR $150-$160 Designed for generating line speed and for casting accuracy. A $25 contribution will be made to Casting For recovery for every CFR rod that is purchased through The Fly Fishing Shop.
Finesse $199-204 These are the ideal rods for meadow streams, limestone creeks, and springcreeks.
Mangrove $259-$300 "Grab hold of a Mangrove Stick by TFO and see just how much trouble you can get into…"
Flip Pallot
NXT $219-$225 Designed to be easy to learn with. Emphasis is on presentation and distance.
Pro II $159-$200 Designed for presenting flies at normal fishing ranges. The action is moderately fast for easy distance casting.
Spey $424-$465 Progressive-regressive traditional action making them ideal for executing all types of Spey and Skagit cast
Switch $379-$400 These are extremely light weight, durable, thoughtfully designed fly rods with superb performance!
TiCrX  $199-$300 Designed for generating line speed and for distance casting. Generally speaking if you are an experienced caster who likes to cast off the tip of a rod, you will like TiCrX Rods
Kids  $90-$160 Bug Launcher Rods are designed for easy casting at moderate distance.
Mini Mag  $249-$375 Designed for casting accuracy and hauling heavy fish away from obstacles.
TFO Rod Blanks & Components TFO Rod Cases TFO Reels RPM
The five gentlemen pictured above have impeccable credentials as experts in the sport of fly fishing. If the sport of fly fishing has an elite status, these astute anglers would all qualify. Interestingly, each of these guys would be welcomed on any fly fishing design team in this country, but have chosen to give their alliance to Temple Fork Outfitters, a company that produces fly rods for the masses. No doubt that TFO builds cutting edge rods, but at greatly reduced prices. I guess the philosophy is that a fly rod will do little good if you can't afford to own it...and that everyone should be able to enjoy fly fishing. That works for us!
TFO's "Legendary Design Team!"
Temple Fork Outfitters BVK Series Fly Fishing Rods,TFO Fly Rods
BVK, Lefty's newest rod series will amaze you !!!  Click for more info...
Check out Bachmann's video commentary on this new rod series.
TFO RODS have RPM !!!
TFO Blanks and Components 
Like to roll your own?    TFO offers great blanks & components!
Temple Fork Outfitters Rods cases,TFO Fly Rods
Rod cases for $19.95 to $49.95  They will protect your rods.   Click for more info...
Should sell for $200 dollars more...
Deer Creek Series Spey & Switch Rods  Designed by: Mike Kinney.
TFO Casting For Recovery Rods   TFO Casting For Recovery Rods
Cancer patients get help from Temple Fork Outfitters
when you buy one of these glamorous new rods!
Casting For Recovery, is a national non-profit support and educational program for women who have or have had breast cancer.
TFO donates $25 from every sale of a CFR rod to Casting For Recovery.
NO-FAULT WARRANTY on all Temple Fork Outfitters rods is for the life of the original registered owner. Send your registration card with each purchase to activate your warranty. Simply return a damaged rod with $30 for shipping & handling,
to: Temple Fork Outfitters, 8105 Sovereign Row, Dallas, TX 75247, and they will repair or replace your rod.

No one beats our customer service or our attention to detail!
No one beats our customer service or our attention to detail!
We want your business and will do what it takes to earn it!

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