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TXL-F Series thrives in small stream environments.
If you can make something better, do it. That’s always been Sage's philosophy, and the driving force behind their ongoing quest for perfection.
In that spirit, Sage introduced the new TXL-F, a dramatically improved version of their much-loved, ultra-light TXL Series. Amazing but true: The new TXL-F is a full 33% lighter than its nearly weightless predecessor, bringing a whole new meaning to the term “ultra-light.” Simply put, TXL-F rods seem to literally float in your hand. But that’s only the beginning.
Sage has also significantly enhanced sensitivity and performance with the latest version of their exclusive G5 Technology, innovative new micro-ferrules and an ergonomic, snub-nose, half-wells grip for greater comfort and control. To maximize TXL-F performance, match it with Sage's custom designed Sage Quiet Double Taper fly line and experience the full wonder of ultralight fly fishing.
From cascading freestones and meandering spring creeks to beaver ponds and farm tanks—or even the mountains of Japan—the TXL-F brings a new level of enjoyment to smaller waters everywhere. Fish one and your smile will say it all.

4610-4 TXL-F Length: 7' 10"     Line: 4     Pieces: 4

Rod weight: 1 11/16 ounces.

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
4610-4 TXL-F 4 Ultra-Light Q $625

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