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Fly Tying Material
X Rods $895 - $1095 The all around action rod - constructed with KonneticHD Technology.
To learn more about Sage X Spey Rods: X-Spey Chronicles
Little One & Trout Spey $850 - $950 The all around action rod - constructed with Konnetic Technology.
METHOD $850 Technical Casting Rods - very fast action -constructed with Konnetic Technology. Series includes Two-Handed and Switch Rods.
MOD $850 General purpose - Moderate Action - constructed with Konnetic Technology
CIRCA Reg. $850
NOW $510
Konnetic Technology is a game changer in the slow-action style of dry fly fishing. Close-out 40% OFF!
SALT $850 Saltwater Fly Fishing - very fast action - designed for lifting - constructed with Konnetic Technology.
ACCEL $650 The all around action rod - GENERATION-5 Technology..
GRACE $850 A rod series for the ladies - constructed with Graphite IIIe
BOLT $650 Ultra Fast action series, very impressive feel - GENERATION-5 Technology.
PULSE $450 Fast Actiont - Graphite III Technology.
MOTIVE $450 Sage's all-new saltwater rods that are ideal for seasoned saltwater fans - Graphite IIIe Technology.
APPROACH $350 Entry level, easy to cast - Graphite III Technology.
BASS II, MUSKY & PIKE $550-$695  
TWO-HAND $550-$1,275 Big rivers - various actions - constructed from Graphite IIIe , GENERATION-5 and Konnetic Technologies.
Konnetic Technology
Konnetic Technology is some of the most potent material for constructing high-performance fly rods. At first only the Sage ONE Series was built using this proprietary material. Now Sage builds ONE, MOD, CIRCA, METHOD and SALT using Konnetic Technology.
    All Sage pages are under construction - including this one.
Come back often - up-grades will continue.

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