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230G Bluegill 290G Smallmouth 330G Largemouth 390G Peacock
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Rod Actions: Medium
Introducing The New BASS II Series Of Fly Fishing Rods !!!

Toss big flies to fish with big appetites.

When you’re casting big flies onto weed mats to trigger attacks from the bucketmouths below, you’re in for a day of spectacular strikes and big memories—maybe even a tournament title. The world famous Bass rods have been upgraded for faster line speed to carry big, bulky flies straight to their target—everything from explosive smallmouth in their river lairs, to voracious snook and tarpon stealthfully pulled from the mangroves onto your kayak. The new Peacock model joins this year’s lineup, a true heavyweight ready to go toe-to-toe with giant Muskie, Pike and Peacock Bass.

230G Bluegill

Length: 7' 11"       Line: 230-grains     Pieces: 4   

This rod was built to deliver maximum performance with the smaller members of the spiny-ray family with poppers, wet flies and nymph. Everyone knows if bluegills weighed 20-pounds, they would be called Permit.
Rod weight: 3 7/16 Ounces.
Item Model Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
2014-230-4 Bluegill 230-grains  Medium A $550

290G Smallmouth

Length: 7' 11"       Line: 290-grains     Pieces: 4   

This is the lighter of the two Sage bass rods. It was designed for average West Coast bass (2 to 5-pounds). But as you can see by the picture, it is well able to deliver the goods to larger Southern bucketmouths as well. This may well be the best all around bass buggin' rod ever produced...and it is tournament legal too.
Rod weight: 3 1/2 Ounces.
Item Model Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
2014-290-4 Smallmouth 290-grains  Medium A $550

330G Largemouth

Length: 7' 11"       Line: 330-grain     Pieces: 4   

Do you speak with a drawl & say"You all?" Do the sloughs in your neighborhood contain bass that sometimes feed on young gators for their livin'? If the answer is yes, then you might want to consider one of these muscle rods for your next bass hunt. This 330-grain rod is made to throw the larger flies and hoist the largest largemouth bass. Also a great rod for snook and baby tarpon.
Rod weight: 3 5/8 Ounces.
Item Model Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
2014-330-4 Largemouth 330-grans  Medium A $550

390G Peacock

Length: 7' 11"       Line: 390-grain     Pieces: 4   

If the critters that you hunt for weigh an average of 10 to 30-pounds and require pin-point target casting with bulky flies, this is your stick. The 390G Bass II rod was is designed to keep heavy mean bastards from running and hiding in underwater roots and logs. Designed specifically for subduing Peacock Bass in their native habitat, this rod is also a favorite for big snook and tarpon in mangrove channels. You might also consider this rod for Chinooks when fishing tide water sloughs.
Rod weight: 3 5/8 Ounces.
Item Model Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
2014-390-4 Peacock 390-grans  Medium A $550

The Sage Lifetime Warranty
Every Sage Rod, reel and blank is covered by our lifetime, original owner warranty.  Regardless of cause of damage, Sage will repair or replace the Sage Product while it is still owned by the original owner.

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