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Sumo Rod Carrier Tight Lines Enterprises Magnetic Rod Racks
Rod carriers for your car or truck save a lot of time when you are on the move. We have researched the market and have chosen the most proven rod carriers for you. After all, it wouldn't be nice to find your prized rod/reel outfit laying in the middle of the road because it blew off your rig. Don't worry the items on this page are well proven.
Sumo Rod Carrier  Now available with suction cup or magnetic mounts!
Regularly $164.95  Now $149.95
 SUMO's cutting edge design offers the ultimate in versatility and performance far exceeding anything in its category.
  Adhesion:  Four independent "lever-lock" suction mounts adhere to any smooth non-porous material.
  Now also available with rubber coated non-scratch magnetic mounts that adhere to any steel surface.
  Adaptability:  Ball and socket connections and vertical pivots provide unequaled flexibility to mount to any passenger vehicle.
  Leveling:  An additional ball and socket connection in the rod rest allows rods to be level.
  Rod Security: Double shock cords "lock" into place. Portability:  Breaks down and weighs 2 pounds.
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Sumo, Suction Cup Rod Mount For Your Car Set of 2 Regularly $164.95
Sale $149.95
Out of stock until September
Sumo, Magnetic Rod Mount For Your Car Set of 2 Regularly $164.95
Sale $149.95
Tight Line Enterprises Magnetic Rod Racks

The Rod Racks from Tight Line Enterprises were originally designed for the fly fisher who travels from hole to hole by automobile and wishes to transport his valuable and delicate rods without the time and inconvenience of breakdown and re-rigging. The inherent beauty of the system is that it has two carrier assemblies capable of transporting up to four rods. It mounts on the car, pick-up or SUV by means of powerful magnets that can be easily attached and removed. Therefore it is unnecessary to purchase a new rod carrier every time you change vehicles. The System is lightweight and portable enough to pack in your luggage on a fly-in trip for use on your rental car. An especially attractive product feature is the open-ended design that allows convenient mounting and removal of the rods. This design was specifically developed to accommodate fly rods without a fighting butt to avoid crushing your expensive fly line in a pinch-point against the rod holder. As pictured above, it is also popular with Spey rod fishers.  Although originally designed for fly rods,  this product is sturdy enough to carry surf sticks and most any other fishing rod that won't fit conveniently into your vehicle.

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MRT-95-FP-RC Tight Line Enterprises Magnetic Rod Rack, per pair $120

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