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Introducing The G. Loomis Family of Two-Hand Rods

NRX Series

Traditional Fast Action Rods built with latest Nano Resin Technology to be 25% lighter and 20% stronger!

Grease Line Series
HiTech Traditional  Spey

Stinger Series
Scandinavian Fast Action

Dredger Series
Leading Edge Skagit Style

Pro4X Series
Versatile Actions for both Scandi and Skagit
Josh Linn testing a G. Loomis VersaSpey rod...
Many dollars worth of GLX with Steve Choate, Ed Ward & Brian Silvey in the back ground.

Ever wish you had the perfect Spey rod? How about having access to all the best casting instructors? Assets like these could make your time on the water more productive.  We've been there. Annually The Fly Fishing Shop Guide Crew gets to spend time on the water with the G. Loomis Pro Staff and a couple of boat loads of G. Loomis rods. We float the Sandy River with anglers such as: Steve Rajeff, Steve Choate, Andy Murray and about 50 new G. Loomis two-handers.  Can you think of a better environment for a bunch of steelhead addicts? 

I've got to tell you; this is a great bunch of guys to spend time with. Over the years we've had a lot of fun trying different line combinations on each new model of rod. Spey lines keep changing and often we try new lines on older proven rods. We're always learning. We're learning to find rod/line combinations to cover water that was at one time unreachable, which is always an advantage. When I asked Steve Rajeff what he considered to be the most important rod design parameters, his reply was, "The highest amount of line speed in the lightest weight package".  That about sums it up!  High line speed, lightweight: Meet NRX

Steve Rajef fishes the Sandy River in the pouring rain.

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