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**Free Airflo Skagit Compact Shooting Head included with each rod.**


12’ 9” #6.5

13’0” #7 13’3” #8  
DHII? DHII?? Your first thought might be Why? But rest assured, the soul of the original medium-fast action DH series was not lost. The advancements in casting techniques and modern fly lines just inspired Dec & Tim to update and redesign this popular lineup. Dubbed the DH II, they provide a slightly crisper action, enhanced tip recovery, wider grain window, and a scary-wicked color scheme. More distance with ease sums up our whole thought process with the DH II series. Bonus: Only since the evolution of modern Spey lines has it been possible to build a true tweener rod, thus the 6.5 line designation. The gap between 6- and 7-weight two-handed rods has always left anglers searching for either a bigger six or smaller seven. Search no more, the 6.5 will definitely become the lower 48 meat-and-potatoes Summer Steelhead stick.
Dec Hogan

Each rod in this family has been tuned, dialed and tweaked to perfection; Dec worked hard to ensure that each rod has the perfect balance of power and action. Nothing says "Ahhhhhhhh" like casting a well made Spey rod, and the new Dec Hogan series of Echo two handed rods is here to elicit much moaning. Each rod features a full flex, classical Spey action designed for throwing Skagit heads and standard length Spey lines. The trimmin's include a graphite pearlescent finish, carbon-fiber reel seat, and composite cork tips on the handle. 


Length: 12' 9"     Line: 6.5     Pieces: 4

As rod and line designs have improved during the past 20-years, two-hand steelhead rods have been getting progressively lighter in weight. Dec Hogan has been instrumental in setting the tone with one innovation after another, especially in the Skagit casting scene. The Echo DHII 12’9” #6.5 may become the trend setter of this era.  It can handle a broad range of flies and sink tips. The #6.5 will land average Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon from average size rivers.
Free Airflo Skagit Compact Shooting Head 480-grain included with this rod.
Recommended Line Weights
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DHII 6.5129 6.5, 480 grain Skagit $389.95


Length: 13'     Line: 7   Pieces: 4

The Echo 13’0” #7 was designed as a heavy summer steelhead rod or a light winter rod. It handles larger flies and heavier tips with ease. It's great for steelhead, Atlantic Salmon, and Coho.
Free Airflo Skagit Compact Shooting Head 540-grain included with this rod.
Recommended Line Weights
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DHII 7130 #7, 540 grain Skagit $389.95


Length: 13' 3"     Line: 8     Pieces: 4

The Echo 13’3” #8 is the workhorse of the Dec Hogan Echo rod line-up. It's the perfect rod for winter fishing or larger rivers; it throws large intruders and heavy sink tips with ease, and it throws them far. The #8 works great for all manner of salmon and steelhead in medium to large rivers.
Free Airflo Skagit Compact Shooting Head 600-grain included with this rod.
Recommended Line Weights
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DHII 8133 #8, 600 grains Skagit $389.95

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