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12' 7" - #6 13' - #7 13' 4" - #8
This is what Tim Rajeff says about his new Spey Rod Series:
"Hanging out with a focused group of spey casting and steelhead bums puts you in a great environment for the evolutionary development of spey rods. Tim and his team of spey bums, including world champion caster Mariusz Wroblewski, designed the Echo3 Two Handers to fit the largest range of casting styles and be equally comfortable casting Skagit style shooting heads or long belly floating lines. The new Echo3 series of Two-Handed rods are the most versatile Spey rods Tim has built to date. The light feel provided by the high modulus material give you supreme flex recovery and tighter loops. These rods feel great when first picked up, but really shine in your hands on the water."
  • High modulus slim profile blanks
  • High grade full cork handle and butt with composite butt cap
  • SIC stripper guides
  • Cloth rod sock with rod size label
  • No roll, square, cordura covered rod case
  • Green metal pearl gloss blank
  • Heavy duty chrome snake guides
  • Heavy duty chrome tip top
  • No maintenance full metal reel seat
  • Alignment dots for quick assembly
  • Echo lifetime warranty

Echo E3-6127

Length: 12' 7"    Sections: 4     Line Weight 6

Spey rods are getting shorter and lighter in weight. Six weights are gaining a lot of popularity among the region's most influential steelhead anglers. This six weight, will sling a skagit, 12.5' of T-14 and a weighted fly to the other side of a fairly wide river. The E3-6127 has the butt strength to whip a respectable size steelhead in short order. Tim's top picks in Airflo Lines that bring out the best performance with this Echo E3 rod model are: Scandi Compact 390-grain, Delta 6/7 and Skagit Compact 480-grain.
Free Airflo Skagit Compact Shooting Head 480-grain included with this rod.

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
6127 E3 6 Fast A (21") $549.95

Echo E3-7130 Length: 13' Sections: 4 Line Weight 7
Grains: 450-540
This is a very popular size for steelhead and smaller salmon. This will prove to be a great all-around rod for Deschutes steelhead, and will also prove to be the perfect tool for most Oregon winter steelhead as well. So far E3-7130 has attracted the most attention of any two-hand rod in the Echo3 series.
Tim's top picks in Airflo Lines that bring out the best performance with this Echo E3 rod model are: Scandi Compact 450-grain, Delta 7/8 and Skagit Compact 540-grain.
Free Airflo Skagit Compact Shooting Head 540-grain included with this rod.
Echo3 Instructor Rod
This model comes in two versions: (E3) Normal fishing rod - green wraps on a green blank, and (E3I) Instructors rod - white wraps on a white blank for easy visibility for students watching their instructor.
Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
7130 E3 7 Fast B (22") $549.95

7130 E3I 7 Fast B (22") $549.95

Echo E3-8134 Length: 13' 4"        Sections: 4       Line Weight 8
 This will prove to be a great rod for larger rivers, and larger fish. Many angler will want a E3-8134 in their quiver when visiting B.C. for steelhead, Alaska for Kings and the Kola for salmon. Tim's top picks in Airflo Lines that bring out the best performance with this Echo E3 rod model are: Scandi Compact 480-grain, Delta 8/9 and Skagit Compact 570-grain
Free Airflo Skagit Compact Shooting Head 570-grain included with this rod
Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
8134 E3 8 Fast B (22") $549.95

Our impressions so far:
We fell in love with Tim's TR Series Spey Rods. They were acquired with the thought that they would be relegated to the "client rod" classification. After all, they only retailed for $349...less than half as much as the rods we were regularly fishing, how good could they be? While showing clients how to cast them, the the TR rods seduced us into more and more time spent with them on the water until we were fishing them when clients weren't even around...leaving more expensive rods lonely in the boat.
Last winter Tim mentioned to me that he was planning on taking his rod building skills to another level. He wanted to invest in even higher grades of graphite and components. He wanted to push the envelope on fly line speed. He wanted to redefine finely detailed cosmetics.
We were the first shop to order them. Waiting for them to arrive, we were like little kids waiting for Christmas. My first test rod was the E3-6127. Loaded with a 480-grain Airflo Skagit compact and 12.5' of T-11, it blew my mind. What a canon. And what a looker. It has the sophistication and polish of the best custom rods available. If it lacks jungle cock in the finish, it has double alignment dots on the reel seat.
The cork is flawless in quality and well proportioned to both the eye and the fingers. It is the same cork used on rods that retail for over $1,000. Appointments are simple, practical, and elegant. In every way the looks are refined and understated. The quality speaks for itself. Good craftsmanship never lies.
Inside each graphite blank is the heart of a beast. E3's load off your finger tips and release unbelievable recoil, which delivers focused busts of energy that are smooth and totally controllable. Make no mistake, E3 is a game changer.

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