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Nautilus NV Spey Reels
Nautilus Machined From Bar Stock Belt Buckle
NEW Lightweight, Super Strong Nautilus NV & NVG Reels Now Available !!!
New CCF-X2    Add Nautilus Custom Colors

Sandy River wild winter steelhead...
Mark Bachmann landed this wild winter steelhead using a Nautilus Reel.

Nautilus Discontinued & Rare FW Spools!

Item Description Size Price To Top
FW 1 Nautilus FW 1 Spool, Color Black, 3 In Stock 1 Was $105.00
Now $73.50

Nautilus CCF-X2

The newest addition to the Nautilus family is the CCF-X2. Already highly regarded, the dual action CCF-X2 drag system features twice the drag strength (20lbs+), twice the smoothness and half the startup inertia as the former CCF.

In addition, this reel is fully sealed and loaded with hybrid ceramic bearings, TPX bushings and an oversized drag knob with infinadjust range settings.
Item Description Size Price To Top
CX2 68 B Nautilus CCF-X2, Color Black, 1 In Stock 6/8 Was $435.00
Now $304.50
CX2 1012 B Nautilus CCF-X2, Color Black, 2 In Stock 10/12 Was $550.00
Now $385.00

Nautilus NV & NVG Reels & Spools

Nautilus NV Reels feature drag systems that are waterproof & dunkable.

Nautilus NV = ENVY
Nautilus Reels manufactures the best looking and best performing fly fishing reels in the world.Our high end fly reels are the NV (EN-VEE) family of reels. The reels are available in five sizes and 10 configurations, and are unparalleled in weight, good looks and performance. The Nautilus NV 5/6, 6/7, 8/9, 10/11 and 11/12 and their G-Spool siblings are completely impervious to the elements and will outperform any fighting class reel on the market. The NV series feature a larger version of the CCF drag system compared to their Nautilus CCF siblings, and stainless steel components have largely been replaced by ceramics and titanium. The only aspect in which the reel is exceeded in performance is by its slender looks and subtle beauty. Machined entirely out of aircraft grade Aluminum, no details have been omitted: from its low profile drag knob and counterweight to the 100 and 200 yard backing markers on the inside of the spool. These reels will impress you.
All NV reels feature titanium drag shafts, and are loaded with the latest technology in high performance ceramic micro bearings. Since ceramics and titanium are impervious to the elements, you are guaranteed to spend less time worrying and more time fishing. NV reels feature a “thrust bearing to thrust bearing” drag design for effortless cranking resistance under any load, ensuring the smoothest line retrieval of any reel on the market. Using titanium and ceramics has allowed us to downsize components, increase the drag surface by over 75%, and still decrease the overall weight without sacrificing the fighting class qualities that are the hallmark of our products.

The Nautilus NV series are the lightest reels in their class, and offer the greatest value in any big game fly reel available in the market today. A reel of a lifetime for a lifetime of fish. They are without a doubt, the best reels money can buy.

Reels are available in black or brushed silver anodizing unless ordered in a custom color.
7 Model Line Backing Weight   To Top
NV 10-11 WF-11 225 yd. #30 7.6 oz.. Choose winding hand.
Stock Number Description Price  
NV10/11 Reel Nautilus NV 10-11 Reel, Color Black, 1 In Stock Was $650.00
Now $455.00

NV10/11 Spool Nautilus NV 10-11 Spool, Color Black, 1 In Stock Was $380.00
Now $265.00

Nautilus NVG (GIGA ARBOR) Reels and Spools
NVG 5, NVG 6, NVG 7, NVG 8, NVG 9NVG Monster NVG Spey Reels
Nautilus NVG - Does your reel have a G-Spot?
Nautilus NVG (GIGA Arbor) 5  
The award winning Nautilus NV Reel just got more adaptable and more fun to play with. With two different sizes of arbors to fit more sizes of fly lines and more sizes of fish. Pictured is custom green from the custom shop. Standard colors are black and silver
Nautilus NV 5/6 and NVG-5 Reel Frames and spools are interchangeable.
The G-5 spool on the NV 5/6 frame reduces weight by another 0.3 ounces and graces this big-game trout reel with the benefits of the giga spools. Faster line pick up, less line coil and 14x faster backing drying than a standard fly reel. Awesome setup for the trout fisher who wants the ultimate reel. Love your toys!
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NVG 5 WF-5 125 yd. #20 5.1 oz.. Choose winding hand.
Stock Number Description Price  
NVG-5-S-B Nautilus NVG-5 Spool, Color Black, 1 In Stock Was $245.00
Now $171.50

Nautilus NVG (GIGA Arbor) 7
Nautilus NV 8/9 G-7
The G-7 spool for the NV 8/9 was designed to offer fly fishers a larger arbor 7 wt reel without sacrificing weight by fitting it to the super light NV8/9 frame. The G-7 comfortably holds 200 yards of #20 backing with a WF7F line. Additionally, the G-7 spools offer Gelspun (GSP) backing users a spool that will hold 220 yd. of 50lb gelspun with a WF9F line. This is a great 7 wt steelhead set-up. Weight 6.6 oz. 
Model Line Backing Weight   To Top
NVG 7 WF-7 200 yd. #20 6.6 oz.. Choose winding hand.
Stock Number Description Price  
NVG-7-R-B Nautilus NVG-7 Reel, Color Black/Silver, 1 In Stock Was $620.00
Now $434.00

Nautilus NVG (GIGA Arbor) 8
Nautilus NV 10/11 G-8
The G-8 spool for the NV10/11 turns your trusted NV 10/11 into a 4.25” 8 weight reel that weighs a mere 7.2 oz, only 0.1 oz more than your NV8/9 yet much faster line retrieval and less line memory.  The G-8 spool will hold a WF8F line with 200 yd. of 30 lb backing, and will balance great with your favorite 9 or 10 foot rod. We trust this reel will become popular among all 8 weight fishermen, whether on the Dean river for single handed steelhead or on a Los Roques pancake flat after bonefish.
Model Line Backing Weight   To Top
NVG 8 WF-8 225 yd. #30 7.2 oz.. Choose winding hand.
Stock Number Description Price  
NVG-8-S-B Nautilus NVG-8 Spool, Color Black, 1 In Stock Was $285.00
Now $199.50

Nautilus NVG (GIGA Arbor) 9
Nauitilus NV 11/12 G-9
The G-9 spool. This is serious business. At a mere 8.3 ounces and 4.5 inches in diameter, this reel is still more than one ounce lighter than our competitors' 8 weight reels and picks up line twice as fast (if not more). We thought it would be too big, but we love it. It makes the NV 8/9 look tiny. This Giga arbor spool will bring your salmon skipping back to you in a heartbeat. It looks mean, acts mean and is mean. This one does! This is a must have. Fit, form, function and balance, nothing beats it. Revolutionary, like all Nautilus reels! 
Model Line Backing Weight   To Top
NVG 9 WF-9 225 yd. #30 8.3 oz.. Choose winding hand.
Stock Number Description Price  
NVG-9-S-B Nautilus NVG-9 Spool, Color Black, 1 In Stock Was $315.00
Now $220.50

Direction for us to follow before we ship your reel or spool:
Please specify which hand you prefer to wind your reel with, 
so we may set the retrieve direction for you.

Please specify if you wish us to install a fly line on your new reel or extra spool.  Then make your selection from
Fly Line Section. We will install the proper size
and amount of
Micron Backing at no extra charge.

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