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BUY NOW !!! Lamson ULA Force Fly Reels 
Lightweight Freshwater Sizes     Lamson Reels In Action

Lamson ULA Force - May The Force Be With You!

The ULA (Ultra Large Arbor) reel combines extreme weight savings and enhanced retrieve rate with a smooth, waterproof conical drag system. This is no doubt one of the most adaptable reel designs ever made.  The ULA Force has the stopping power needed for strong running fish, with the finesse to protect light leaders.  It is extremely durable for travel and saltwater exposure.  The Lamson ULA reels are, to our knowledge, the lightest machined reels in the world today.
The ULA Force reels also offer the versatility of the "Fx" spools. This means that you can buy a #2 reel and combine it with rods and lines to fit 3-weight to 6-weight systems. A #3 reel is just as versatile.  Load it with a WF5F line + 125 yards of backing for trout, and with the purchase of an additional (Fx) spool, you'll be able to run a WF8F line + 150 yards  of backing for bonefish or steelhead without having to buy a second reel.  More importantly, you can buy several ULA-3 reels and spools and use them for everything from your 5-weight to 8-weight systems.  The ULA 3X reel is adequate for 9-weight systems if TUF Line XP backing is used.

 Reel Specifications and Prices  

Model Line Backing Weight Price To Top
ULA 2 WF4 75 yd * 2.60 oz. $449
ULA 2X WF6 100 yd * 2.75 oz. $459
ULA 3 WF7 100 yd * 3.60 oz. $479
ULA 3X WF8 150 yd * 3.70 oz. $489

* #20 Micron Backing     ** #30 Micron Backing     *** #50 TUF Line XP

More specifications.

Model Diameter Width Weight Rod Wt. Line Capacity
ULA FORCE 2 3.25" 1.15" 2.60 oz 4,5 WF4 75 yds 20# *
ULA FORCE 2X 3.25" 1.15" 2.70 oz 5,6 WF6 100 yds 20# *
ULA FORCE 3 3.50" 1.25" 3.60 oz 5,6,7 WF7 100 yds 20# *
ULA FORCE 3X 3.50" 1.25" 3.70 oz 7,8 WF8 150 yds 20# *

Extra Spool Specifications and Prices  

Model   Price To Top
ULA 2S ULA Force 2 Extra Spool $199
ULA 2XS ULA Force 2X Extra Spool $199
ULA 3S ULA Force 3 Extra Spool $209
ULA 3XS ULA Force 3X Extra Spool $219

Please provide information about how you want us to set up your reel for you.

Please specify which hand you prefer to wind your reel with, 
so we may set the retrieve direction for you.

Please specify if you wish us to install a fly line on your new reel or extra spool.  Then make your selection from
Fly Line Section. We will install the proper size
and amount of
Micron Backing at no extra charge.

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