Lamson LiteSpeed Series IV Fly Reels

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   HARD ALOX Finish     Lamson Reels In Action
The Lamson LiteSpeed Series IV Fly ReelsHard Alox™ is a true large arbor reel with the same fully-sealed drag system that is used in all Waterworks Reels.   No water or dirt can get into the mechanism to effect drag control or pressure setting.  The unique drag system  consists of a pair of perfectly matched cones which are engaged under variable spring pressure. The drag is indescribably smooth and has a wide latitude of settings.  These reels are extremely lightweight and have very few moving parts. 
Litespeed Reels are machined in the U.S.A. from solid aluminum alloy bar stock.  The end result is a
very fine, high performance large arbor reel at a price that is comparable to many reels that are made off shore.  The large arbor Lamson Litespeed Series IV Hard Alox™ offers incredible value.  Litespeed reels are now offered in only one finish -- a proprietary combination of alloy selection and conversion coating that is called “Hard Alox”. The term Hard Alox is taken from the anodizing process itself, wherein the aluminum surface is converted to aluminum oxide. By increasing the coating thickness and reducing porosity, the Hard Alox coating is much more durable than any other reel.  Hard Alox trumps the conventional and ubiquitous Type 2 anodize, a finish which emphasizes gloss and color selection over durability.  In place of Type 2, Hard Alox enhances resistance to abrasion, impact and corrosion and a look that tells the story of beauty which, while not being just “skin deep”, actually does start there.  

Click for parts diagram.
In order to to maintain structural rigidity each surface of the LiteSpeed
Hard Alox™ is curved.  This subtly complex shape is extremely demanding and expensive to machine, but results in a strong, light, and beautifully unique high-performance fly reel.  The effectiveness and durability of the Litespeed Series of reels has been thoroughly proven by our staff over the last 10-seasons.  This is one of the toughest and smoothest reels on the market today. 
Incremental improvements such as: improved seals, stainless steel bearings and Hard Alox™ finish have taken a superior design to a new level of good looks and dependability. 

Lamson Reels In Action (Pictures of anglers having fun)!

Lamson LiteSpeed Series IV Reel Specifications and Prices 
Model Line Backing Weight Price Select a Free Fly Line To Top
LS-1.5 IV WF4 100 yd.* 3.45 oz. $339.95

LS-2 IV WF6 130 yd. * 3.70 oz. $349.95

LS-3 IV WF8 225 yd. * 5.10 oz. $369.95

LS-3.5 IV WF9 250 yd. ** 5.90 oz. $389.95

LS-4 IV WF10 250 yd. ** 8.80 oz. $429.95

* #20 Micron Backing    ** #30 Micron Backing    Capacities are greatly increased with TUF Line Backing.

Lamson LiteSpeed Series IV Extra Spool Specifications and Prices
Model Line Backing Weight Price To Top
LS-1.5S WF4 100 yd.* $145.95
LS-2S WF6 130 yd. * $150.95
LS-3S WF8 225 yd. * $165.95
LS-3.5S WF9 250 yd. ** $175.95
LS-4S WF10 250 yd. ** $195.95

* #20 Micron Backing    ** #30 Micron Backing    Capacities are greatly increased with TUF Line Backing.

Please provide information about how you want us to set up your reel for you.

Please specify which hand you prefer to wind your reel with, 
so we may set the retrieve direction for you.

Please specify if you wish us to install a fly line on your new reel or extra spool.  Then make your selection from
Fly Line Section. We will install the proper size
and amount of
Micron Backing at no extra charge.

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