Lamson Guru Fly Reels

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Lamson Guru Reels
Lamson Reels just got more affordable!
Lamson Reels In Action
Lamson Guru Reels 
Waterworks Lamson Guru Fly Reel
Lamson introduces Guru, an enlightening reel. Guru enters the Waterworks-Lamson family as their lowest-priced fully machined reel. The signature arm-style element on the frame combines with open spokes to maximize structural strength and minimize weight. As with other Waterworks-Lamson reels, Guru features true large arbor ratios. Guru is available in 4 weight through 10 weight, and shares identical drag design and components with their most expensive reels. Guru is finished with a clear type 2 anodize.

Lamson Reels In Action (Pictures of anglers having fun)!

Lamson Guru Reel Specifications and Prices 
Model Line Backing Weight Price To Top
G1.5 REEL WF4 100 yd. * 4.70 oz. $199
G1.5 SPOOL       $90
G2 REEL WF6 100 yd.* 4.90 oz. $209
G2 SPOOL       $95
G3 REEL WF7 150 yd. * 5.50 oz. $219
G3 SPOOL       $100
G3.5 REEL WF9 200 yd. * 6.20 oz. $249
G3.5 SPOOL       $115
G4 REEL WF10 250 yd. ** 7.30 oz. $269
G4 SPOOL       $120

* #20 Micron Backing    ** #30 Micron Backing    Capacities are greatly increased with TUF Line Backing.

Please provide information about how you want us to set up your reel for you.

Please specify which hand you prefer to wind your reel with, 
so we may set the retrieve direction for you.

Please specify if you wish us to install a fly line on your new reel or extra spool.  Then make your selection from
Fly Line Section. We will install the proper size
and amount of
Micron Backing at no extra charge.

  The Fly Fishing Shop, Welches, OR 

1 (800) 266-3971

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