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The following video is mostly river & fishing, sights & sounds. Can it get better than a pretty girl and a bright wild steelhead landed with the most traditional fly fishing methods?

Introduced in the mid-1970's as the Scientific Anglers System Reel, the Marquis was the first  "rim-control" fly reel to become popular in the USA. This popularity was overwhelming. Now nearly all fly fishing reels sold in the world have some sort of exposed spool rim for extra control when plying fish. For some reason Hardy and Scientific Anglers couldn't get along in the reel business, and Scientific Anglers dropped the Hardy product.
Hardy slightly redesigned the guts of the reel and reintroduce it into the U.S. market as the Marquis Series. It came in light-trout through salmon sizes and like all Hardy reels of the period, they were machined from aluminum castings. These reels were very popular, but the world of international finance and the difference in exchange between the dollar and the pound sterling made the importation of these reels into the United States nearly impossible.
Finally U.S. reel manufacturers started producing reels on computer driven machines using bar-stock aircraft aluminum, which was stronger than any comparable aluminum casting. For a while it appeared that the venerable Marquis was doomed to the realm of antiques. Then Hardy changed its whole operation. They moved their production from Great Briton to the Orient where high speed machining and a lack of craft guilds made manufacturing more streamlined, more precise and less expensive.
Hardy Company Rep, Garry Sandstrom demonstrates how the
Hardy Marquis Reels have improved over the last forty years.
Now the Marquis series is machined from aircraft aluminum alloy bar-stock. Only the larger salmon sizes have survived. They have found extreme favor with Pacific Northwest steelhead anglers.
These new Marquis salmon reels are in three sizes: salmon one, two and three. They are built to the original design, but are much stronger than the original cast models.
Hardy made the new reels and spools interchangeable with all the originals. The new reels are all manufactured with the polished silver rim style that everyone agrees is the Marquis at its best. The  the internal cam has been slightly redesigned to give an increased in range to the click-check friction. The most endearing quality of the Marquis series is the distinctive sound which is producds when a fish is taking line. This is the same sound that has been produced by Hardy Reels for over a hundred years. It is a jolly sound that when heard, tells every angler that life is very good.
  • Frame and spools fully interchangeable with the originals
  • All-aluminum frame for strength
  • Polished silver rim for classic look
  • In three sizes to cover every salmon fishing situation
    Marquis Salmon-1, capacity WF10F + 170 yards #20 Micron, Reel weight 7.75 ounces.
    Marquis Salmon-2, capacity WF10F + 300 yards #20 Micron, Reel weight 9.62 ounces.
    Marquis Salmon-3, capacity WF12F + 400 yards #20 Micron, Reel weight 10.37 ounces.
  • Model Description Price Select Your Free Fly Line To Top
    HREM010 Hardy Marquis, Reel, Salmon-1 $275.00

    HSPM010 Hardy Marquis, Spool, Salmon-1 $89.00

    HREM020 Hardy Marquis, Reel, Salmon-2 $295.00

    HSPM020 Hardy Marquis, Spool, Salmon-2 $99.00

    HREM030 Hardy Marquis, Reel, Salmon-3 $325.00

    HSPM030 Hardy Marquis, Spool, Salmon-3 $109.00

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