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  Hardy has been making world class fly fishing reels for over 100 years.
The House of Hardy received its first fly reel patent in 1888. The Hardy story chronicles the history of reel manufacturing as it progressed from the start of the machine age to the present. The history of the Hardy Company is well documented in the DVD, "The Lost World Of Mr. Hardy".
The very first Hardy Reels were turned from hardwood. The next generation was made from brass. Then Hardy craftsmen turned to a revolutionary new metal; aluminum. These new reels were lighter in weight and could be made in more practical dimensions. With these new reels Hardy made deep penetrations into the best markets of the world. Older Hardy reels, especially the ones made between the two great European wars are much sought after as collector's items. These reels were individually made. Each reel was finished by a craftsmen who had spent many years at their trade. Some anglers believe that these were the best reels that Hardy, (or maybe the World) has ever made. Each person sets their own standards. From our observations, the the reels that Hardy is building today
 are the best quality the company has ever produced. It is probable that these are the reels that would have been built during the "Golden Age of Hardy" if the craftsmen involved would have had our more modern machines, metals and skills. Fact is, they did the best they could with what they had to work with. That some of Hardy's designs have remained popular for over 100-years means they were pretty well thought out. The newest manufacturing processes now allow Hardy to produce reels at a much reduced cost. Once again Hardy is making deep penetration into the markets of the world...and the new "Golden Age of Hardy" is dawning.
The Lost World Of Mr. Hardy The Lost World Of Mr. Hardy DVD
Once upon a time, two brothers from a tiny town in the far north of England, set out to capture the hearts and minds of fishing maharajahs, film stars and royalty the world over. The astonishing story of how a passion for angling and a love of craftsmanship created one of the most interesting, quirky and best loved British companies ever. This DVD is a documentary of 135-years of the Hardy company, and as such it captures the history of the sport of fly fishing for the same period; a story worth seeing for the historical perspective alone.
Salmon picture from: The Lost World Of Mr. Hardy DVD The Lost World Of Mr. Hardy on Vimeo
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