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This may be the most advanced fly fishing reel on the market today!
 Hardy Demon Reel with Cassettes...

Manufactured in 6061 Barstock aluminium with a GT4 Grivory composite spool the Demon reel benefits from a Rulon multi disc breaking system. The Demon reel has stunning looks to match its undoubted practicality. Supplied in a custom reel case with two additional spare spools. Whether your fishing demands you use the widest range of fly lines or just a floater, intermediate and sinker, you'll love the new Demon reel. With its tough, low cost spools you can afford to carry all the lines you need. With an innovative touch-button spool release and unique locking system you can change a Demon spool easily - and reliably - in seconds. In any conditions. Every time. The Demon is a high quality, feature filled reel with great looks and even greater performance. We've always thought the "cassette-reel" concept was brilliant. Cassettes are lighter in weight than extra spools and they take up less room. Best of all they cost less. Many new polymers are stronger than metal and won't corrode. Finally there is a premium reel built with interchangeable cassettes. This is the perfect reel for the travelling angler, who needs to keep weight to a minimum in his luggage. It is also the perfect design for stillwater anglers who need a wide selection of fly lines to be most effective.

  • Touch-button spool release
  • Unique spool locking system
  • High impact, glass reinforced nylon (GT4 Grivory) spools
  • Top grade 6061 bar stock aluminum cage and spool housing with ultra-long screw ad nut construction
  • Four disc Rulon brake
  • Tool-less left/right hand conversion
  • Hard Anodized finish
  • Positive drag adjuster
  • Supplied in a padded Cordura reel case with two spare spools as standard

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