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A Free Fly Line Installed On Every Abel Super Reel.
Or you might say, "A SUPER REEL DEAL !!!"     Click For Free Fly Line Deal
Aluminum Handles Double Pawls Optional Colors Optional Engraving FREE Backing!
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Abel Arm

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Perfect Tool
An Abel Reel can have interchangeable spools. Abel FlexABELity Kits Will Save You Money!
Mark Bachmann uses Abel reels
Abel Reels without built-in obsolescence!
The biggest thing that separates Abel Reels from the rest of the herd is no built-in obsolescence. Abel Reels were proven before they went to market and in all these years very few improvements have been necessary.  If you bought an Abel in 1987, it is still totally reliable today.  That is because instead of adding glitzy du-das to the mechanism, Abel concentrated on simplicity and craftsmanship.  The fewer parts involved, the fewer parts to break down.  Abel Reels are are hell for stout.  Mark Bachmann and Patty Barnes use Abel Reels on all of their saltwater adventures.
Patty Barnes uses Abel Reels...
Nothing beats reliability, which results from superb design and  fine craftsmanship.

Click for more information on Abel Aluminum Handles.

Get A Grip With Abel's Aluminum Handles
Abel 6061 aluminum reel handles are 1/8th inch longer than the standard wooden handles. They feature knurled finger grip and are fitted with a hand-pressed DelrinÆ insert for the absolutely smoothest feel this side of vanilla ice cream. Their weight precisely matches the weight of the counterbalance. They won’t chip, fracture, splinter or snap no matter the temperature or conditions. They are, in a word, forever. In Small, Medium and Large sizes for various sizes of Abel Reels. Available in any color finish. $25 on a new reel. More information on
Abel Aluminum Handles.
Two Pawls Are Better Than ONE!
All Abel Super Reels feature the "Double Pawl" system in the internal mechanism of Super Series reels #6N and larger reels.  We never knew any of the old single pawl reels to break down.  So this insignificant change becomes very significant in the way that the folks at Abel think, "Eliminate problems before they happen!"  We have tested several Abel reels that were built with double pawls. You're going to like the sound they make.

All Abel anodized aluminum products are shipped "Black Coral" color
unless specified as different:
However, Many Abel Products Are Available In Exclusive Anodized Colors
Now you can customize your Abel Product On-Line.
Click the buttons below to add colors to your Abel Products.

Abel Reels are available in a number unique and distinctive color patterns.  These colors are not paint that can flake off or change color with age.  These colors are put into the metal through a chemical process called anodizing.  They are permanent and beautiful.  Each Graphic and Scenic reel is totally unique and no two are exactly the same.  Each is custom made.  Allow four weeks for delivery.
Your pick of eleven delicious colors.
Artistic Graphic
Three or four colors in unique graphic patterns.
Fish Graphic
James Prosek's magnificent fish art
Unique fishing scenes on your reel.

You Can Get The Specified Amount Of Backing 
Free With Any New Abel Reel or Spool !!!
It will Be Installed At No Extra Charge.

* = 20 lb. Micron     ** = 30 lb. Micron     *** = 50 lb. TUF Line XP
There Is Not Service Charge: 
For Installing A Fly Line (Lines) On your new Reel or Spool.
You Can Even Get A Free Fly Line When You Purchase Your Abel Reel or Combo Kit
In Combination With Certain Fly Rods.

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