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Mark Bachmann uses Abel Reels

Originally Designed in 1992. This timeless design features internal adjustable pawl-click drag made from 303 heat treated stainless steel is adjustable for incoming and outgoing tension. Standard arbor with rim control configuration. These may be the most perfect trout reels ever produced. The TR/Light balances with ultra light rods. The TR/1 is the 3/4/5 reel. The TR/2 has very low internal start-up to protect fine tippets and fragile hooks for spring creek fishing and enough line capacity for Alaskan rainbows. Pictured above is a 17 year old TR/2 on a 5-weight rod. It offers large diameter for fast line pick-up, 150-yard capacity and proven reliability over many, many fishing trips. I own three TR/2 Reels and four spools, & never been sorry I bought them.
Unless otherwise specified, all TR Reels and spools are shipped Black Coral color, or...
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Weight Spool Diameter Spool Width Capacity Capacity
3.1 oz. 2.550" .625" WF1F + 90 yd. #20 WF2F + 65 yd. #20
In the late 1800's English-made fly reels designed with click/pawl drag systems gained world wide popularity because of their smooth trouble free operation. This click/pawl system of regulating line tension has an advantage of having very low inertial start-up, which protects fine leader tippets from breakage. That is why Abel incorporated this type of  drag into the modern T/R Series of reels.


Item Description Size Price Select Your Free Fly Line To Top
01-090-R Abel TR Reel TR-Light $385

01-090-S Abel TR Spool TR-Light $235  


Weight Spool Diameter Spool Width Capacity Capacity
4 oz. 2.800" .750" WF3F + 110 yd. #20 WF4F + 90 yd. #20
The Abel T/R Series are the reels that old English craftsmen would have made if they had had the metal technology and machining tools to do so. Abel T/R Series reels are made in ultra modern heavy duty, computer driven machines from distortion resistant aircraft aluminum alloy bar stock. Then they are hand finished and then anodized to further harden the metal and make it virtually corrosion proof.

Abel T/R 1 Reel

Item Description Size Price Select Your Free Fly Line To Top
01-091-R Abel TR Reel TR-1 $390

01-091-S Abel TR Spool TR-1 $240  


Weight Spool Diameter Spool Width Capacity Capacity
4.3 oz. 3.025" .750" WF5F + 150 yd. #20 WF6F + 130 yd. #20
Abel T/R reels are the culmination of over two hundred years of incremental development toward the perfect traditional trout reel.  T/R's are lightweight, but substantial, simple and efficient, smooth in operation and elegant to look at. They are also price competitive, and made to last, and be heirlooms for generations of anglers. That's why I bought a set...for me, my children, grand children, great grand children and great great grand children to enjoy.

Abel T/R 2 Reel

Item Description Size Price Select Your Free Fly Line To Top
01-092-R Abel TR Reel TR-2 $395

01-092-S Abel TR Spool TR-2 $245  

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