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 Abel Arm

The Abel Arm was coneived and created by Steve Abel and Mel Krieger.  It moves the center of gravity away from the reel seat.  The resulting improved balance affords greater comfort and significantly less fatigue.  Abel arms are about 1 1/2 inches long and weigh less than 1.2 ounce.  An Abel Arm is a invaluable addition while both casting and cranking. Order your Abel Arm to match the color of your reel through the color selector:  Optional Colors

All Abel anodized aluminum products are shipped "Black Coral" color
unless specified as different:
However, Many Abel Products Are Available In Exclusive Anodized Colors
Now you can customize your Abel Product On-Line.
Click the buttons below to add colors to your Abel Products.

Abel Reels are available in a number unique and distinctive color patterns.  These colors are not paint that can flake off or change color with age.  These colors are put into the metal through a chemical process called anodizing.  They are permanent and beautiful.  Each Graphic and Scenic reel is totally unique and no two are exactly the same.  Each is custom made.  Allow four weeks for delivery.
Solid Colors
Your pick of eleven delicious colors.
Artistic Graphic
Three or four colors in unique graphic patterns.
Fish Graphic
James Prosek's magnificent fish art
Unique fishing scenes on your reel.

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