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Custom River Anchors

When you park you boat in moving water the first and most important item is, "secure the boat". Nothing is worse than seeing your boat floating off "un-manned". Our anchors are designed after traditional drift-boat river anchors, but some are scaled down for smaller, lighter weight pontoon boats and rafts. During the 15-years we have been producing these anchors, there have been many incremental changes in their design and construction to make them fit pontoon boats better, to make them hold more securely and to make them more durable.  There are no sharp edges that will damage your boat or anchor rope during casual contact.

Remember the longer the scope on the anchor rope the more the anchor will hold.

Twelve pound anchors are for boats from 8' to 10' in length.  Twenty pound anchors are for boats from 11' to 13' in length.  Thirty pound anchors are for pontoon boats to 18' in length, drift boats and small jet boats.  These anchors are made from solid steel, which is much more durable and less polluting that lead.
Shipping is free in the USA.
Remember anchors are heavy to ship.

After some deliberation in the area of environmental safeguards with our shop people and our largest supplier of pontoon boats and floating products (Outcast Sporting Goods), we have decided to not supply LEAD anchors to the public. We have marketed Steel anchors of our own design for some time, though we have (until recently) used LEAD on our own watercraft. We find that steel holds as well as lead in all conditions, without the environmental risks that are associated with lead. There have been to many watersheds in recent years that are no longer allowing lead to be used as weight while fly fishing (though alternatives are allowed). If fisheries officials are thinking a few grams of lead on your leader (X- many fishers) can lead to adverse water conditions, then it is not really a quantum leap to think what a 30-pound anchor might do. While the lead anchor will leave residue on the river bottom during normal use, many of us have seen (or experienced) lost anchors on the river bottom in the past. We wonder what a 30 pound lead anchor might do if left in the river for many years?  We are grateful to Outcast for going this direction also.  We have no desire to point the accusing finger at any boater for using ANY type of anchor at this point. The past is, well, water under the bridge so to speak. As we progress in life (actually fishing), we learn more about what we do. Getting more information causes us to make a higher level of informed decisions.  We enjoy an ongoing discussion about our fisheries at our shop (as you might imagine) and what is best or not for the fish we seek. Regardless of our personal opinions, we try to avoid  any political issues as we are running a business, not an opinion clearing house. We have found that in the past it is always better to lead by example, not by authority. We practice catch and release, we believe in barbless hooks and we pack out what we packed in. Now we no longer use lead anchors.  
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ANCHOR1 Custom 12 lb. River Anchor $77.00
ANCHOR2 Custom 20 lb. River Anchor $115.00
ANCHOR30 Custom 30 lb. River Anchor $168.00

3 lb. Anchor.

Custom Stillwater Anchor

Sometimes it is handy to anchor in place. An anchor can be real handy if the wind is blowing. This anchor is large enough to hold you in place, but small enough to easily fit in one of your float tube pockets.


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ANCHOR3 Custom 3 lb. Float Tube Anchor $30.00

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