Outcast PAC 1400

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Outcast PAC 1400
Outcast PAC 1400
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The PAC 1400 is raising the bar for comfort, stability, and durability. With more interior space than the PAC 1300, the PAC 1400 easily accommodates 3 anglers and enough gear for a lightweight overnight trip. Like the PAC 1300, the rowing module features 2 bays with changeable seating options and a foot release anchor system for hands free anchoring. The front and rear casting platforms, with their firm casting decks combined with the boats 5' 11" width are so stable they inspire anglers to cast as if they were standing on firm ground. The PAC 1400 is constructed using the same whitewater proven PVC fabrics and Urethane materials as its twin brother, the AIRE Super Duper Puma. This self-bailing inflatable floor uses the piano hinge style of lacing that makes it the fastest bailing floor on the market. These features attest to the durability, comfort and stability that anglers have come to expect. *Please note the PAC 1400 is shown with the optional raise seat bar, swivel seat and cooler. Full 10-year warranty.
FREE: Custom 30-pound River Anchor Delivered With This Boat
Always wear a life jacket on uncertain water!

The Ourcast PAC 1400 is a boat that comfortably fishes three anglers...

Mark Bachmann testing the PAC 1400 on a Class III rapids...no problem.

Basically the PAC 1400 is an inflatable drift boat, but it draws less water and is more forgiving than any hard boat. I is a great casting platform for two anglers; one standing at each end of the boat.  The PAC 1400 is regularly used by local fly fishing guides who need to run Class III & IV rapids.

The PAC 1400 is a very comfortable boat. The PAC 1400 has all the features that make it a great fishing boat.
The built-in anchor system is very handy. The PAC 1400 inflates easily with a K-Pump.

Inflated Size

Tube Dia.



Anchor System

168" X 72"


1150 lbs.

263 lb.


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200-000714 Outcast PAC 1400 Self-bailing Raft, color blue $5,499

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