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Fish Cat Pontoons

Pac Pontoons & Boats

Float Tubes

Fish Cat Streamer XL IR

PAC 800

Fat Cat-LCS

Fish Cat 9 IR

PAC 900

Fish Cat 4 Series
Fish Cat Panther
Fish Cat Panther

PAC 1000

Fish Cat 4 Deluxe Series

Fish Cat 10 IR


PAC 1200

Outcast Prowler

Fish Cat 13

PAC 1300

Super Fat Cat
PAC 1400

Outcast is a division of AIRE, a company that builds some of the worlds finest extreme whitewater craft. Every Outcast fishing craft combines light weight with extreme durability. Each Outcast PAC pontoon boat has a 10-year warranty on all welded seams and construction.  All Discovery & Fish Cat pontoon boats have a
5-year warranty.

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