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Outcast Float Tubes
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Draws less water than any boat in its class !!!

Only The Best here!
"IR" stands for 'improved rocker' for improved performance. "FS" stands for improved pontoons made from Ferrari PVC Fabric

Fish Cat Streamer XL IR

PAC 800 FS

Fish Cat 9 IR

PAC 900 FS

Fish Cat Panther

Fish Cat Panther

PAC 9000

Fish Cat 10 IR

PAC 1000 FS
Fish Cat 13
PAC 1100 FS

Discovery 9IR
PAC 1200


Power Drifter
PAC 1300

PAC 1400
Steelheader-18' K-Pumps are best...
Outcast is a division of AIRE, a company that builds some of the worlds finest extreme whitewater craft. Every Outcast fishing craft combines light weight with extreme durability. Each Outcast PAC pontoon boat has a 10-year warranty on all welded seams and construction.  All Discovery & Fish Cat pontoon boats have a
5-year warranty.

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