Outcast PAC 9000 Pontoon Boat

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Outcast PAC 9000 Pontoon Boat
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The PAC 9000 has all the ideas and features you can pack into one boat. Each 9' pontoon consists of two side-by-side, full- length air chambers so it actually rides on four separate pontoons. If one tube were to fail (highly unlikely, of course) your boat will still ride level and be completely maneuverable. The frame is secured with air pressure from within...no straps and no d-rings! The craft rides higher in shallow water situation making it easier to spin and get into tighter spots. The 10" low profile tubes make the PAC 9000 much better in windy conditions on both still and moving water than other pontoon boats.
FREE: Custom 12-pound River Anchor Delivered With This Boat.

Always wear a life jacket on uncertain water!

The PAC 9000 was designed to be an extremely shallow draft boat. Because four pontoons are twice as much labor & time to build as two pontoons the PAC 9000 is expensive to build.  The cost of the PAC 9000 kept me from close investigation because I couldn't see an added advantage from the added expense...that is before I rowed a PAC 9000 down the Clackamas River in June 2007.  The PAC 9000 is a very safe, practical, agile craft on moving water.  The twin pontoon designed in a boat this size has some extreme advantages over regular single round pontoons. It draws less than half the water that a conventional pontoon boat does. This makes the PAC 9000 one of the most fun boats that I have ever rowed because you can explore places in this boat you can only dream about getting into with a conventional pontoon boat or raft. I am so impressed with this boat that tests will continue over an extended period of time.

Marcy Stone shows how much clearance the PAC 9000 provides. The PAC 9000 is very compact and lightweight.
The twin pontoon design, powder coated aluminum frame and internal anchor system have been perfected over a period of years. John Covich demonstrates that the PAC 9000 is very safe in rough water.

Inflated Size

Tube Dia.



Anchor System

108" X 60"

Dual 10"

400 lbs.

68 lb.


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