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Emergency Kit D-Ring Patches
Repair Kits Repair Adhesives
If you run your boat in fast, shallow water...eventually you may need a repair kit...

Pontoon Emergency Kit
For Discovery and Fish Cat pontoon boats. Don't let an equipment malfunction or missing part ruin your trip. The Pontoon Emergency Kit includes a spare Summit 2 valve, two Springer clips, valve adapter, vinyl tube adapter, two seat bolts, and 5 Tear-Aid patches.

Item Description Price To Top
360-000111 Outcast Pontoon Emergency Kit $25.00

Repair Kits
Every boat should have a Repair Kit on board. Patches, tape, glue and sewing materials are all conveniently packaged in a water-safe pouch. 


Item Description Size Price To Top
360-000100 Outcast Repair Kit for PAC boats with Leafield valves   $69.00

360-000110 Outcast Repair Kit for Fish Cat boats with Summit or Halky/Roberts valves   $69.00

D-Ring Patches

Double-reinforced PVC hinge holds D-rings. Stainless steel D-rings with PVC patch material. Hinge fabric is sewn and glued to patch. Attach using Clifton Urethane Adhesive. 

Item Description Color Price To Top
340-000465 Outcast 1.5" Cataraft D-Ring Patch Blue $16.00
340-000470 Outcast 1.5" Cataraft D-Ring Patch Green $16.00
340-000475 Outcast 1.5" Cataraft D-Ring Patch Gray $16.00
340-000480 Outcast 1.5" Cataraft D-Ring Patch Purple $16.00
340-000485 Outcast 1.5" Cataraft D-Ring Patch Red $16.00
340-000490 Outcast 1.5" Cataraft D-Ring Patch Yellow $16.00
340-000505 Kayak 1" D-Ring Patch Blue $12.00
340-000510 Kayak 1" D-Ring Patch Green $12.00
340-000520 Kayak 1" D-Ring Patch Gray $12.00
340-000525 Kayak 1" D-Ring Patch Purple $12.00
340-000530 Kayak 1" D-Ring Patch Red $12.00
340-000545 Kayak 1" D-Ring Patch Yellow $12.00

Repair Adhesives

Convenient reusable Clifton one part adhesive is now included in repair kits and has a brush built into the lid. 

Stabond is the number one choice for repairing both PVC and Urethane. It has a shelf life of one year if unopened and about 24-hours once it has been opened.

Repair Adhesive

Item Description Size Price To Top
360-000300 Stabond 2-Part Adhesive 1/4 Pint $22.00
360-000310 Stabond 2-Part Adhesive 1 Pint $34.00

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