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Outcast Oars
It's easy when you have the right oars...

Outcast Standard Oars
The 2-piece aluminum shafted oars below come standard with PAC, Discovery and Fish Cat boats. The 4-piece Aluminum Shaft Oar is recommended as a spare oar where compact storage is desired.  The Carbon Fiber Oar is recommended for 9'-10' boats where extreme duty demands more impact and strain resistant oars.  
Outcast Standard Oars
Outcast Carbon Fiber Oar
Item Description Size Price To Top
420-000140 Outcast 2-peice aluminum shaft standard, each. 6' $55.00
420-000145 Outcast 2-peice aluminum shaft standard, each. 7' $65.00

Cataract Oars
All day you labor against the current or into the wind, just to find the right spot. A spot where the fish are biting and the sun won't melt the last of your will. Nothing, during these precious moments in life, should come between you and your passion. Not the least of which is being stuck with an under-performing oar. Designed to flex like wood and rebound like carbon, the SGG transfers muscle power into stroke power, providing the most definitive oar responsiveness available. It's little wonder then that this oar would be the most popular among whitewater enthusiasts world wide.
  • Clear, Toughened Urethane provides a glossy, low-maintenance finish.
  • Ideal for most any water conditions, boat sizes and all-purpose use.

    Super-long, extra-stiff SGX is the most ideal oar for those tougher conditions. With a shaft that’s 33% stiffer than our SGG model, the SGX is designed to perform best in larger, heavier boats and to aid in navigating hazardous obstacles.

    Prices are for oar shafts and blades. You need one of each to make an oar. You will need to an an Oar Stop and Oar Wraps or an Oar Rite for each oar.
  • Cataract Oar
    Item Description Size Price To Top
    420-000410 Cataract SGG Shaft, Blue, Each 8' $145.00
    420-000440 Cataract SGG  Shaft, Blue, Each 8.5' $145.00
    420-000470 Cataract SGG  Shaft, Blue, Each 9' $145.00
    420-000500 Cataract SGG  Shaft, Blue, Each 9.5' $163.00
    420-000530 Cataract SGG  Shaft, Blue, Each 10' $163.00
    420-000560 Cataract SGX  Shaft, Blue, Each 10' $185.00
    420-000125 Cataract Magnum Blade, Black, Each Each $79.00

    Carlisle Oars
    A tempered aluminum full-length shaft and reinforced inner sleeve maximize strength and stiffness. A contoured handle with a Santoprene grip ensures comfort. Blades are sold separately. 

    Carlisle Oars
    Carlisle Outfitter Oar Blade Carlisle Oar Shaft Extender

    Outfitter Blade Assembly
    Available for EHD (Extra Heavy Duty) Rafting Oars. Tough, rugged, lightweight assembly with full length reinforced blade. Blades are molded of high-impact, glass-filled synthetic material. Withstands the toughest conditions. The removable 6.5"x 26" or 8"x 26" blade assemblies are easy to store.
    Shaft Extender
    12" shaft extension, available for EHD boat and rafting oars.

    Item Description Size Price To Top
    420-000180 Carlisle EHD Shaft, Blue, Each 8' $90.00
    420-000240 Carlisle EHD Shaft, Blue, Each 9' $90.00
    420-000330 Carlisle EHD Shaft, Blue, Each 10' $90.00
    420-000100 Carlisle Out Outfitter Oar Blade, Black 6.5" $65.00
    420-000110 Carlisle Out Outfitter Oar Blade, Black 8" $65.00
    420-000380 Carlisle Oar Extender, Blue 1' $40.00
    420-000400 Carlisle Oar Extender, Yellow 1' $40.00

    Oar Accessories

    These accessories make rowing more comfortable and safer. Being able to customize your oars to your "stroke" is a huge advantage in managing rowing fatigue. The oar shafts, blades and accessories displayed on this page have spent many days on the water being tested under the most rigorous conditions. Oar Accessories
    Oar Stops Counterbalance Oar Sleeve
    BladeRite Oar Stop Outcast Oar Blade Rest
    Oar Locks Outcast Spare Oar Keeper
      Outcast Oar Tethers

    Oar Stop
    These handy 2-piece Outcast oar stops fit over oars with oar sleeves or a rope wrap, which allow for proper positioning of the oars to the frame and oar locks.  Rubber oar stops slip over oars and are more difficult to position, but are often quieter than plastic.

    Plastic Bolt-On Oar Stops     Rubber Oar Stops
    Item Description Size Price To Top
    425-000100 Plastic Bolt-On Oar Stop, Each Small $9.00
    425-000140 Plastic Bolt-On Oar Stops, Pair Small $18.00
    425-000105 Plastic Bolt-On Oar Stop, Each Large $15.00
    425-000108 Rubber Oar Stop, Each Large $6.00

    BladeRite Oar Stop
    Made of molded glass filled nylon, this product is two pieces with stainless steel bolts. Works like a clamp to add strength to oars. Product is readjustable and can be relocated to match the boat or sleeve.

    The Regular model adjusts from  1-3/4" to 2" inside diameter and will fit Carlisle and Cataract oars and most of the standard whitewater wood oars in the popular 8- to 10-foot lengths.
    BladeRite Oar Stop with Sleeve

    BladeRite Oar Stop

    Item Description Size Price To Top
    425-000131 BladeRite Oar Stop, Each Small $16.00
    425-000136 BladeRite Oar Stop, Each Large $18.00
    425-000165 Oar Sleeve, Each Small $5.00
    425-000170 Oar Sleeve, Each Large $19.00

    Oar Locks
    Outfit your boat with these strong Brass oarlocks and take a spare on your next extended trip. They are available in two sizes to fit most oar shafts.
    The Cobra's horns are wider for greater strength and durability. The Cobra Oar Locks also offer a greater vertical range of motion over standard oarlocks.

    Brass Oar Locks   Cobra Oar Locks
    Item Description Size Price To Top
    425-00115 Brass Oar Lock, Each Large $39.00
    425-00150 Brass Oar Lock, Pair Large $79.00
    425-00110 Brass Oar Lock, Each Small $23.00
    425-00145 Brass Oar Lock, Pair Small $46.00
    425-00112 Steel Oar Lock, Each Small $10.00
    425-00147 Steel Oar Lock, Pair Small $20.00
    425-00125 Cobra Oar Lock, Each Large $50.00
    425-00120 Cobra Oar Lock, Each Mini $40.00

    Counterbalance Oar Sleeve

    These are made to counterbalance the weight of the extended oar shaft and blade so the the oar feels lighter. Fits 8' to 10'

    Counterbalance Oar Sleeve

    Item Description Size Price To Top
    425-000250 Counterbalance Oar Sleeves, Pair   $80.00

    Outcast Oar Blade Rest

    Easily attaches to a frame for a convenient place to rest your oars.

    Outcast Oar Blade Rest

    Item Description Size Price To Top
    425-000160 Outcast Oar Blade Rest, Pair   $20.00

    Outcast Spare Oar Keeper

    You need to have a spare oar with you on any moving water.  Secure a spare oar to the frame easily and securely with the Spare Oar Keeper. The spare oar will release easily via the 1.5” side release buckle.

    Outcast Spare Oar Keeper

    Item Description Size Price To Top
    425-000285 Outcast Spare Oar Keeper   $18.00

    Outcast Oar Tethers

    Keep a short leash on loose oars with these handy oar thethers. Small size is recommended for 1-3/8" diameter oars, and large for 1-7/8" diameter.

    Outcast Oar Tethers

    Item Description Size Price To Top
    425-000290 Outcast Oar Tethers, Pair Small $16.00
    425-000330 Outcast Oar Tethers, Pair Large $24.00

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