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Outcast Accessories can also be used to retrofit all Outcast and many other brands of pontoon boats.  Outcast Pockets in particular are very popular accessories.  
Outcast parts can be used to up-date and customize....
and of course they fit the great new Outcast PAC (Personal Adventure Crafts).

Air Pumps
Inflatable boats are filled with air. That's why they float, because air is lighter than water. Because air expands when heated and contracts when cooled the pressure inside your boat can vary greatly in a single day. Air pressure also changes with altitude, air inside your boat should be adjusted accordingly. A pump must accompany your boat in order to help with
You gotta' have a pump!
these changes in air pressure, not to mention filling it before you can even use it.
Economy Hand Pump Hurricane Inflator
Double Action Pump Blast LVM
Pump Hose LVM 12-Volt Inflator
4" Barrel Pump K-Pump

Outcast Economy Hand Pump
To inflate or top off boats to the recommended pressure. 

Outcast Economy Hand Pump

Item Description Size Price To Top
  350-000100 Outcast Economy Hand Pump   $19.00

Outcast Pump Hose
This is the replacement hose for both the Economy Pump and the Double Action Pump

Outcast Pump Hose

Item Description Size Price To Top
  350-000104HD Outcast Pump Hose   $9.00

Outcast Double Action Pump
To inflate or top off boats to the recommended pressure.

Outcast Double Action Pump

Item Description Size Price To Top
  350-000105 Outcast Double Action Pump   $39.00

Outcast 4" Barrel Pump
This durable 4" pump can inflate even the largest raft with ease. 

Outcast 4" Barrel Pump

Item Description Size Price To Top
  350-000110 Outcast 4-inch Barrel Pump   $180.50

Outcast Hurricane Inflator
High volume inflator with all the attachments to fit most boats. 

Outcast Hurricane Inflator

Item Description Size Price To Top
  350-000113 Outcast Hurricane Inflator   $90

Outcast Blast Inflator
The Blast is a heavy duty 12 volt inflator/deflator with rubberized grip and is capable of inflating boats quickly and efficiently up to 2 psi.

Outcast Blast Inflator

Item Description Size Price To Top
  350-000117 Outcast Blast Inflator   $115.00

A boat without and anchor is like a car without a parking brake. A securely placed anchor guarantees your boat will stay in place when you leave it. How you anchor your boat in moving water can affect your safety. Be very careful when anchoring a boat in fast water. Pontoon boats tend to "crawl" when anchored in moving water.
The first priority ALWAYS secure the boat before you leave it !!!
Pyramid Anchors With Rope Mesh Anchor Bag
Star Anchor - 30 lb. Scotty Anchor Lock
Float Tube Anchor Package Custom Steel Anchors

Outcast Pyramid Anchors With Rope

A steel connector loop embedded in a cast lead alloy pyramid. This is a proven, popular design. These anchors will not roll. They are dense and very compact. Lead is also very quiet on the river bottom.
This price includes Shipping cost.
General guidelines for anchor use:
  5 lb: lakes only or use as second anchor
12 lb:   8' - 10' boats in moving water
20 lb: 12' - 14' boats in moving water
30 lb: 14' - 18' boats in moving water

5 1b, 12 lb, 20 lb, 30 lb Pyramid Anchors

Item Description Size Price To Top
440-000190 Outcast Pyramid Anchor With Rope 5 lb $65
440-000195  Outcast Pyramid Anchor With Rope 12 lb. $95
440-000200  Outcast Pyramid Anchor With Rope 20 lb. $125
440-000205  Outcast Pyramid Anchor With Rope 30 lb. $160

Star Anchor - 30 lb With Rope

Cast metal alloy with embedded steel attachment loop. This is a favorite shape for use in streams with smaller gravel and sand.

The first priority...
secure the boat!

This price includes Shipping cost.

Outcast Star Anchor With Rope

Item Description Size Price To Top
440-000207 Outcast Star Anchor With Rope 30 lb $160

Float Tube Anchor Package
This 2-pound anchor includes 100' of line and a carrying case. Can be attached to any D-ring on the float tube for easy deployment and retrieval.

Outcast Float Tube Anchor Package

Item Description Size Price To Top
440-000181 Outcast Float Tube Anchor Package   $39.00

Mesh Anchor Bag
The mesh anchor bag is a lightweight alternative for fly-in trips. Just fill it with rocks prior to launching and it is ready to go.

Outcast Mesh Anchor Bag

Item Description Size Price To Top
440-000185 Outcast Mesh Anchor Bag   $29.00

Scotty Anchor Lock
This anchor system straps security onto a Power Drifter or a float tube for easy and secure anchorage. 5-pound anchor is recommended for use with a float tube and a 12-pound anchor is recommended with a Power Drifter.

Scotty Anchor Lock

Item Description Size Price To Top
440-000210 Scotty Anchor Lock   $59.00

Frame Accessories
The parts listed below are designed so that you can customize frames on smaller boats. Want to add a seat or change its location, or provide a place to stand up, or maybe you want to add a motor, these parts will make it easier.
Outcast Frame Accessories
Casting Platforms Seat Mounts
Motor Mounts Rope Cleat
Springer Clips PAC 1200 Cooler Tray

Casting Platforms
Stand up casting is now a reality on these larger PAC boats. These stand-up-and-cast platforms are constructed of diamond plate metal for ease of installation, strength and traction.

Outcast Pontoon Boat Casting Platforms

Item Description Size Price To Top
440-000125 Outcast PAC 1200 Casting Platform   $109.00
440-000125 Outcast Fish Cat 13 Casting Platform   $109.00

Motor Mounts
Electric motors can be used to push many sizes of inflatable boats. You have a choice in how you will mount one.
Anchor System Motor Mount
This motor mount attaches to anchor systems that rise above the cargo deck.
Cargo Deck Motor Mount
This motor mount attaches directly to the cargo deck.

Motor Mounts

Item Description Size Price To Top
440-000270 Outcast Cargo Deck Motor Mount   $79.00

Springer Clips
These fasten frame parts together. It wouldn't hurt to have a couple extra in your repair kit.

Springer Clips

Item Description Size Price To Top
750-000130 Outcast Springer Clip, for Small Frames   $4.00
750-000120 Outcast Springer Clip, for Large Frames   $4.00

Rope Cleat
Replace a broken cleat or place one in a more convenient location on your frame.

Rope Cleat

Item Description Size Price To Top
440-000305 Outcast Rope Cleat   $6.00

Outcast Seat Accessories
This is where your usually has most purchase on your boat. The seat has a major influence on how your boat fits you.
Outcast Seat Accessories
Padded Folding Seat Seat Saddle Bag
High Back Seat Seat Swivel
Seat Caddy T-Bolt Set

Padded Folding Seat
Upgrade or replace an old seat with this lightweight folding seat.

Outcast Padded Folding Seat

Item Description Size Price To Top
370-000100 Outcast Padded Folding Seat   $69.00

High Back Seat
This sturdy, self-draining high back seat provides ample cushioning and support for long days on the river. The unique trim-less design will keep your boat looking sharp for years to come. Grey

Outcast High Back Seat

Item Description Size Price To Top
370-000143 Outcast High Back Seat   $109.00

Seat Caddy
Keep your drinks and gear close by wth the Seat Caddy. It fits Action folding seats and other brands of this seat style.
(Does Not fit on the Standup IR10 Boat.)

Seat Caddy

Item Description Size Price To Top
370-000110 Outcast Seat Caddy   $14.00

Seat Swivel

Outcast Seat Swivel

Item Description Size Price To Top
370-000210 Outcast Seat Swivel   $14.00

Cam Straps

Cam Straps
available in 2', 4', 6', and 8' lengths. Great for securing gear or tying down boats for transportation. 


Item Description Size Price To Top

Four-Pack Cam Straps

2' $18.00
340-000320 Four-Pack Cam Straps 3' $20.00
340-000330 Four-Pack Cam Straps 4' $22.00
340-000340 Four-Pack Cam Straps 6' $24.00
340-000350 Four-Pack Cam Straps 8' $28.00
340-000360 Four-Pack Cam Straps 9' $30.00
340-000370 Two-Pack Cam Straps 12' $16.00
340-000380 Two-Pack Cam Straps 15' $18.00

Deluxe Cargo Pocket - with beverage holders, tippet pockets and rod holster. Foam sides hold fly boxes securely and neatly. 
: 21"L x 6"W x 6"H

Item Description Price To Top
320-000110 Outcast Deluxe Cargo Pocket $39.00

Splash-proof Pocket
Highly water repellent when the flap covers the zipper.  Has long mesh gear-holder pocket on one side and padded can-holder and rod-holder pockets on other side.  Main zippered pocket is made from waterproof material.
Dimensions: 29"L x 7"W x 8"H

Item Description Price To Top
320-F00100 Outcast Splashproof Pocket $59.00

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