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Wading Staffs
Dan Bailey's Simms Super FolStaf Tracks
Sometimes it's nice to have something to lean on...
A staff can greatly aid your ability to wade unfamiliar and treacherous water. This is especially true if your river is off-color. A wading staff helps you probe the bottom of a river to gauge its depth and find unseen obstructions. A staff also acts as a third leg to turn your body into a tripod, which is a very stable device capable of responding to rough terrain in a more positive fashion. In these ways a staff helps cut fatigue and aid in your safety.

Tracks Sherlite™ Staff
This has been the most popular wading staff we have sold over the last ten years.
Foam Grip with Adjustable Wrist Strap
The Tracks Sherlite™ Staff has a comfortable contoured foam grip with quick and easy Wedge Lock wrist loop adjustment. Just pull the knotted ends of the wrist loop to release the Wedge Lock, adjust to fit, then push the Wedge Lock back into locked position. Whether you’re bare handed or wearing thick gloves, you’ll get a perfect fit with no uncomfortable buckle to rub the back of your hand or wrist. This wrist strap is also a convenient place to attach a tether so that your wading staff doesn't go floating down the river and is always within easy reach
Changeable Tip
For normal trail walking on soft to moderate ground or normal wading (especially where stealth is required), use your Tracks staff with the rubber foot affixed to the end. When the going gets tough, and the ground or river bottom requires extra bite, simply unscrew the rubber foot to reveal a hardened steel spike that will provide you with all the staying power you need.
Camera Mount

With this unique Camera Mount you'll have a convenient monopod everywhere you take your Tracks Staff. Just unscrew the walnut knob to reveal a universal camera mount, then screw your camera to the top of your staff and instantly add a higher level of stability to your adventure photography.
Push-button Lock
Thanks to its sure-locking button, changing the length of an adjustable Tracks staff is quick, easy, and secure. Simply depress the spring-loaded button, slide the telescoping tube sections to the desired length, then release the button in the proper adjustment hole. Unlike twist-lock poles, the button is visibly locked in place so your staff can’t collapse unexpectedly when weighted. In other words, Tracks staffs will never let you down.
Item Description Size Price To Top
059517 Tracks Sherlite™ Staff Adjustable

Super Folstaf
  • Cork handle - Folstaf® wading staff floats!
  • Long nylon lanyard with wooden keeper bead attaches to your wading belt.
  • Folstaf® leather belt-holster included.
  • Folstaf® is constructed with the highest grade aircraft aluminum:
    • 3/4" tubing for heavy water,
      12.5-14.5 oz.
  • Heavy duty shock cord:
  • Double shock cord for 3/4" Folstaf® wading staffs.
  • Durable black anodized finish on all Folstaf® models.
  • Carbide tip for safe, secure grip.
  • Folds to only 9 inches, yet extends quickly.
  • Folstaf® wading staff is designed and engineered to snap together the second you need it.
Item Description Size Price To Top
3351-52 Super Folstaf Wading Staff, Regular 50" $113.00
  3351-60 Super Folstaf Wading Staff, Long 59" $110.95

Dan Bailey's Shock Corded Wading Staff
Remove it from your belt sheath and it automatically assembles itself! Comes with sheath and cord tether with harness snap. Rugged and dependable.
Item Description Size Price To Top
3143-10 Dan Bailey's Shock Corded Wading Staff 49" $55.95
3143-11 Dan Bailey's Shock Corded Wading Staff 57" $55.95

Simms Folding Wading Staff
There when you need it, for additional stability when making a river crossing.
  • Innovative, durable wading staff
  • 52 or 56 inches in length
  • Staff breaks down to fit in a convenient neoprene sheath
  • Coated steel cable secures sections
  • Includes wading staff retractor
Simms Wading Staff
Item Description Size Price To Top
AWS3001 Simms Wading Staff 52" $129.95

AWS3002 Simms Wading Staff 56" $129.95

Fishing Camp
During our last ten day in Deschutes Camp, White River played its dirty tricks and irrigation shut down early for the season, which raised the water in the river, a bad combination to contend with. We still did manage to catch a few steelhead. The water is clearing, but will stay high for the rest of the season. As always there are tactics that allow you to to be productive. The deepest waders don't always win when colored water allows steelhead to hide in the soft water next to the bank. Sage advice: wade shallow, cast long and straight, especially if you are first in line.

Taking pretty pictures is easy if the photographer has access to a wild steelhead being held by a blond in red. Good work Kathy!

The water in the Deschutes is clearing slightly as it glides by our camp in the trees.

Patty, Brad, Bob & Wayne...roughing it.

Bob Zapp relaxes next to the propane heater, under the electric Crystal Chandelier in our screen-house dining tent. Doesn't every other guide service have a Crystal Chandelier in their dining tent?
(Most don't even have a dining tent.)

Our Pro Tube experimentation continues as water conditions change. The third steelhead that ate this fly broke the silicon hook-keeper. Not bad mileage, a sacrifice worth paying for.

The Color Purple...a cure for the dirty water blues.
Off-color water is where Leeches rule. Use your Skagit Line rigged with a tip that sinks just fast enough to suspend your big purple yummy right above steelhead noses. Mend your line to slow down the speed of the swing. Let your fly hang-out around boulders and ledges. Strikes will come strong and often. Don't fish your leech with tippets less than 01X (ten-pound Maxima).
Al Corrado holds a Deschutes steelhead landed with a Purple Steeltooka
Who knows why steelhead like purple leeches, but they do. Summer steelhead found in Columbia River tributaries during the months of October and November are especially susceptible to larger purple flies. Purple is a color that shows up extremely well in water tinged by glacial silt. Rivers such as the Sandy, Klickitat and Deschutes demand a selection of purple flies in a range of sizes. In the Deschutes, the most productive size is generally about 2" long. Our experimentation has revealed that even when the water in the Deschutes becomes very dirty, flies longer than two inches were often less productive than flies just slightly shorter than 2". We achieved this knowledge by fishing the water first with a bigger fly, then fishing it again with a smaller fly. Sometimes the differences were dramatic. For the Deschutes, the Purple Steeltooka is by far the top pick because it is just the right weight to fish dirty or colder water. When the water becomes lower, warmer or clearer, a Purple Wooly Bugger fished in slightly deeper water can be more productive. In the Klickitat River, steelhead often prefer flies up to 4". Most times a fly around 3" long is the answer. A regular old Purple String Leech, Pick 'Yer Pocket or a Larimer Loop Leech can be the answer for Klickitat steelhead which average slightly larger in size than the Deschutes fish. Fly selection can change as the water speed and depth changes. Change to a heavier fly and fish deeper if the water becomes real clear. When fishing the Sandy in October, there are Steelhead, Coho and Chinooks available and you will want the full range of sizes and weights of flies. You had better have a selection of larger purple flies when you visit the Clearwater in Idaho or any British Columbia River as well.
Don't forget your purple flies if you fish the Clackamas in the fall.

Steeltooka, Purple
This may be singularly the deadliest fly when the Deschutes is off color from White River's glacial silt. It is also extremely effective when the water is clear. Fish this fly with either a floating line or a sinking tip. Can be just as effective on Cohos in the Sandy River.
Item Description Size Price To Top
99733-02 Steeltooka, Purple 2 3 for $7.49
99733-04 Steeltooka, Purple 4 3 for $7.49

 Flash-A-Bugger, Purple Flash-A-Bugger, Purple
Possibly the single most effective summer steelhead fly on either side of the Cascades is the Purple Flash-a-Bugger.  It is best when fished deep with a sinking tip line. These flies are weighted and sink quickly. They will fish deeper than the Steeltooka above. Many times the faster sink rate is an asset, but not always. Select your flies to fit the water as well as the fish.
Item Description Size Price To Top
11900-04 Flash-A-Bugger, Purple 4 3 for $5.85
11900-06 Flash-A-Bugger, Purple 6 3 for $5.85

Big Purple Bunny
Deadly summer steelhead fly. Fish it with a sinking tip line, deep and slow. This simple fly is simply dynamite when a larger fly than the Steeltooka or Wooly Bugger is needed.
Item Description Size Price To Top
20255-02 Big Purple Bunny 2 3 for $7.49

Egg Sucking Leech, Purple
The purple egg sucker is a popular fly, particularly east of the Cascades when water temperatures drop in the fall. This is an effective fly when salmon eggs are in the water.
Item Description Size Price To Top
20511-04 Egg Sucking Leech, Purple 4 3 for $7.49

Pick 'Yer Pocket, Purple Purple is the sleeper color on many rivers.  It is the main color east of the Cascades. This fly could be dubbed the Klickitat Killer. Pick 'Yer Pockets are heavy and sink deep. They fish best in heavier, faster flows. These flies have a lot of parts that move independently giving them a very "squiddy" look.
Item Description Size Price To Top
ST197PR02 Pick 'Yer Pocket, Purple 2 3 for $10.50

Larimer Loop Leech, Purple 
Tom Larimer's crawly creation is one of the sleeper flies for the Klickitat, Sandy and the Deschutes. It can put you even-up with the "side-planer" fishers. Hooks are replaceable.
Item Description Size Price To Top
ST285PR Larimer Loop Leech, Purple 2 3 for $10.50

MOAL Leech, Purple
Don't leave home without some of these in your fly box. This is a very good fly on the Deschutes River, and all other summer steelhead rivers. The same thing might be said for winter run fish in rivers as diverse the Sauk and the Umpqua. MOALs are soft and chewy.
Item Description Size Price To Top
MLPU4 MOAL Leech, Purple 4 3 for $9.50

String Leech, Purple
These flies average about 4" long. They are very snakey and fish large. Because the rabbit strip retains quite a bit of water, Skagit heads of 500-grains or larger are best for casting comfort. These big flies will often wake fish up and get them moving.
Item Description Size Price To Top
00508-04 Conehead Rabbit Strip String Leech, Purple 4 3 for $10.50

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