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Help Wanted!
The "Insider" has become very popular online publication.  It is more than one writer can handle.  If you can write about fly fishing as a sophisticated sport, can draw or take pictures and like to free-lance, there might be an opportunity for you.  If you can render factual product reviews, fishing reports or articles that are educational and entertaining the "Insider" can put your work in front of thousands of eager viewers.  
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Back eddy foam line sippers. Back Eddies
These are the places in a river where the currents reverse direction and flow upstream.  In eddies the currents swirl and revolve, some violently, others are soft and slow.  The eddies that are large enough to hold trout are our main interest here.  They can be as big as a wash tub or nearly 
the entire width of the river.  Eddies tend to gather drifting trout food items and condense them toward the slower turning areas.  In many slower turning eddies foam- lines form in floating patches.  These foamy areas  provide cover for feeding trout and trout-food organisms are often gathered in in the foam as a vast smorgasbord.  These foamy areas drift with the changing currents or winds.  Calm days are usually best Back eddies concentrare food and feeding fish.

Much of the trout food in back eddies is crippled or dead insects.

for fishing in back eddies as wind often scatters the floating food.  Trout can drift around with the food items and foam lines or station up in places where food tends to concentrate.  Feeding is usually quiet and deliberate.  Normally the only surface disturbance is a small dimple from a nose or dorsal fin.  Sight fishing is the best approach.  A pair of high resolution binoculars is a real asset for spotting what the fish are feeding on.  Back eddy feeders can be very picky.  Being able to see what 
the trout are feeding on is the key to success.  Some slow eddies have silty, weedy bottoms and the insects that hatch from them are the varieties that you would expect to find in lakes.  But eddies also trap insects from hatches that occur in other parts of the river.  This is especially true of crippled or dead insects.  Observation has disclosed that many of the insects that trout feed on in eddies are dead or disabled.  Insects that are emerging from their nymphal to adult forms are also targeted.  Healthy adult insects are often ignored.  Most food items that get trapped in the flow of an eddy are very small.  On the Deschutes River most of 

You can catch big trout from back eddies if you have the skill.

the back eddy feeding is done on insects that are size 14 through 20.  To make the acquisition of these small food items pay off for the trout in the "calories in vs. the calories expended" equation, the expenditure of energy must be very small.  Any food item which can escape or takes pursuit is a potential liability.  Therefore insects which are incapable of escape are most desirable.  Some eddies collect food items in dense translucent rafts that appear as brownish scum.   These scum lines revolve in the eddy with the currents.  The trout follow them feeding leisurely.  These trout are extremely visible to people.  Many of these eddies receive a lot of angling pressure.  Trout in eddies which receive a lot of fishing pressure can become very suspicious feeders.  Any potential food item that moves un-naturally is refused.  Being able to present your fly so that it shows no influence from an attached leader is essential.  Long fine tippets made from nearly invisible material are the rule.  Being able to present the fly line and leader so that you get a drag free float takes planning.  Casting accuracy is essential. Observation is the real key to success in back eddies.  Use your polarized sun glasses and a pair if binoculars to study the fish and their prey.  Find a comfortable vantage point.  Try to position yourself so that you are camouflaged from the fish.  Use natural vegetation as a blind. Dress to blend in.  Often the feeding fish will forget that you are watching them.  Get elevation if you can.   Station up in the shade.  Use the natural light to give you the best visibility.  When trout are spotted, it's hard to turn off the attack instinct. The trout are not going anywhere unless they are spooked into hiding.   Remember that once you start your presentation, you will get a limited number of shots.  The first shot will be most stealthy.  Choose it wisely. Take your time.  Survey the whole area.  Know where all the players are holding and what their movement patterns are like.   Sooner or later your hunting instinct will point out one fish that is most vulnerable to you.  Or possibly it will home in on an individual that is the best trophy.  No matter the criteria, you must zero in on one quarry.  This is a point where you can blow the whole scene.  Remember the first shot.  Take an extra measure of time to study the target in fine detail.  Watch it feed through your binoculars.  See exactly what it eats.  If you can match this trout's favorite food item exactly, not only in size, shape and color, but also in buoyancy,  your fly is as effective as it can be.  Now you can concentrate on the presentation of the fly.  How the fly lands on the water in relation to the fish is the first key element.  Place the fly on an intercept trajectory with the fish at the closest possible range that won't spook the fish.  Use a light touch.  The softer the fly lands on the water, the closer you can put it to the fish.  The closer it is to the fish the less possibility there is that drag will occur before the fish takes.  The cast must take into account the surrounding obstacles such as grass, shrubs and trees.  Back eddy fly fishing can rival chess and golf for complexity.  That's why we do it.  

Photo by Jim Schollmeyer of a Baetis Mayfly from the book "Hatch Guide For Western Streams". Baetis Mayfly Hatches
Baetis hatches can occur in the richest back eddies nearly every day of the year. This is what Hatch Guide For Western Streams by Jim Schollmeyer has to say about them: 
"Baetis duns, like the adults of all other swimmer mayflies have only two tails.  Even though these mayflies 
can be found emerging every month of the year on some streams, this is not  a hatch to depend on.  Days often pass between good hatch cycles as a new generations of nymphs mature.  When these nymphs leave the stream bed, they drift or swim to the surface and they quickly emerge from their nymphal shucks.  On warmer days the duns spend little time on the water, while on cooler days they often drift for long distances before flying off.  Hatches usually occur around mid-day during the cooler months and in the morning during warmer months."
On many streams Baetis can be one of the Super Hatches because they are so common and because they almost always generate feeding activity when they are hatching.  Hatch Guide For Western Streams has much more information about Baetis Mayflies.  This book is invaluable reading for any serious trout fisher.  It gives detailed scientific information on all the noteworthy hatches that occur on western streams.  Brilliantly illustrated in full color.  With this book and the fly selection below you can be very successful while fishing one of the West's most common hatches.  Baetis hatches are occurring now on many western rivers.  They will continue to of great importance to trout and trout fishers through October.  Cloud -cover days produce the best hatches.
Floating Emerger
Floating Emerger
Baetis Thorax
Baetis Thorax

Baetis Parachute
Baetis Parachute

Baetis Cripple
Baetis Cripple

Baetis Spinner
Baetis Spinner

Baetis mayflies can vary in size and color.  This fly selection matches the most common ones.  This is your Baetis starter set, a fine set to build on.

Item Description Price To Top
BAETISET (15) Baetis Hatch Flies, includes shipping $26.00

Hatch Guide For Western Streams
Jim Schollmeyer
Soft cover
Covers all you need for a productive trip on our Western streams: water types; successful fishing techniques; identifying major hatches, providing basic background info about these insects. Color photos of naturals & flies. Full-color; 4x5 inches, 196 pgs
Item Description Price To Top
1-57188-109-3 Hatch Guide For Western Streams $19.95
1-57188-109-3B Hatch Guide For Western Streams
with any purchase over  $100. That is 20% OFF plus FREE SHIPPING.

Sage Fly Fishing Reels
Almost every one who fishes knows that Sage is the most prestigious fly rod builder.  Sage also builds and extensive selection fine fly reels.  In fact, Sage started the "large arbor" revolution with the introduction of their 700-series in 1984.  They were the first large arbor reels we had ever seen.  Sage reels have always been innovative, dependable, smooth operating and beautifully finished.  

2500 Series     3000 Series      3000D Series      Spools      1201 Reel

Anglers who have fished the Sage large arbor reels rank them among the finest in the world. Built with the same craftsmanship, quality materials and innovation you've come to expect from Sage rods, Sage Reels are at the cutting edge of modern reel design. Lifetime Warranty!

Our new, lightweight, large- arbor reels feature a unique, offset 3: 1 gear reduction drag system and numbered, repeatable, adjustment knob for consistent operation in all conditions.  Self- lubricating drive gears and sealed graphite drag washers mean the 2500 Series reels are maintenance- free, and unaffected by sand, dunkings or blistering runs. These reels are made from hard- anodized, aerospace- grade aluminum and are

approximately 20% lighter than equivalent size 3000D reels. Perfect for situations where you want a lighter- weight reel, but still need a smooth, reliable drag. Available January 2005.

2540 Reel
This reel was designed to comfortably hold a 4- and 5- weight line, and has the ability to effectively tighten down on larger trout and smallmouth.
2550 Reel
When you are looking for a reel that will help to tame the most aggressive trout and can crossover for light saltwater applications, such as sea- run cutthroat or small Coho, this reel is the right one for you. The 2550 is designed to carry both 5- and 6- weight lines.

2560 Reel

For a reel that is light enough to balance in 6- and 7- weight applications, but with a drag built to slow down the runs of bonefish, redfish and schoolie stripers, the 2560 is an excellent match.

2580 Reel

For fishing situations that call for lightweight outfits with no sacrifice being made in durability or line capacity, the 2580 is an ideal choice.  Designed to accommodate 8- and 9- weight lines, this reel is an adequate tool for the larger freshwater and smaller saltwater species.




Weight Price To Top
2500 Series
SAGE 2540  REEL Black Frame and Spool WF4F 60 yd. * 2 3/4 oz. $275
SAGE 2540  REEL Black Frame, Silver Spool WF4F 60 yd. * 2 3/4 oz. $275
SAGE 2550 REEL Black Frame and Spool WF5F 100 yd. * 3 1/8 oz. $300
SAGE 2550 REEL Black Frame, Silver Spool WF5F 100 yd. * 3 1/8 oz. $300
SAGE 2560 REEL Black Frame and Spool WF6F 100 yd. * 4 oz. $325
SAGE 2560 REEL Black Frame, Silver Spool WF6F 100 yd. * 4 oz. $325 <
SAGE 2560 REEL Black Frame and Spool WF8F 200 yd. * 5 7/8 oz. $350
SAGE 2560 REEL Black Frame, Silver Spool WF8F 200 yd. * 5 7/8 oz. $350

3000 Series Click & Pawl Reels
Built to use with 0-through 6-weight rods, Sage's Click & Pawl reels are ideal when fishing for small to medium trout and bass.

3100 Click & Pawl Reels

When stalking trout with ultra-light lines and tiny flies, the 3100 is the reel of choice. It's remarkably smooth and designed to balance with 0-, 1-, 2-, and 3-line rods. "3100 Reels".

3200 Click & Pawl Reels
This smooth-running reel is designed with high-speed line retrieve to offer incredible performance when battling fish. "3200 Reels".
3300 Click & Pawl Reels
The 3300 is ideal for aggressive trout, smallmouth and largemouth bass. It is designed to balance with 5- and 6-line rods. "3300 Reels".




Weight Price To Top
3000 Series
SAGE 3100  REEL Black Frame and Spool WF2F 50 yd. * 2 3/4 oz. $275
SAGE 3100  REEL Black Frame, Silver Spool WF2F 50 yd. * 2 3/4 oz. $275
SAGE 3200 REEL Black Frame and Spool WF5F 100 yd. * 3 1/8 oz. $295
SAGE 3200 REEL Black Frame, Silver Spool WF5F 100 yd. * 3 1/8 oz. $295
SAGE 3300 REEL Black Frame and Spool WF6F 100 yd. * 4 oz. $320
SAGE 3300 REEL Black Frame, Silver Spool WF6F 100 yd. * 4 oz. $320

3000D Reel
Designed for 5- through 10-weight fly rods, these drag reels have a powerful disk drag that can be used for trout, salmon and steelhead fishing as well as saltwater applications.

3300D Reel

This powerful disk drag can be used for both trout fishing and light saltwater applications. It performs remarkably well with 5- and 6-line rods. "3300D Reels".

3400D Reel
When fishing for large trout, medium salmon, stripers or bonefish, this reel is lightweight yet heavy duty. It is recommended for use with 7- and 8-line rods. "3400D Reels".
3500D Reel
This drag reel is ideal for medium to large fish such as Atlantic salmon, steelhead and many saltwater species. It's designed to perform with 9- and 10-line rods. "3500D Reels".
3600D Reel 
With the stopping power for big game fi sh and the capacity for your favorite Spey line, this reel is built to get the job done.  11- to 12- weight single- handed lines or any Spey line.




Weight Price To Top
3000D Series
SAGE 3300D REEL Black Frame and Spool WF6F 100 yd. * 6 oz. $485
SAGE 3300D REEL Black Frame, Silver Spool WF6F 100 yd. * 6 oz. $485
SAGE 3400D REEL Black Frame and Spool WF8F 200 yd.* 7 3/8 oz. $535
SAGE 3400D REEL Black Frame, Silver Spool WF8F 200 yd.* 7 3/8 oz. $535
SAGE 3500D REEL Black Frame and Spool WF9F 225 yd. ** 9 oz. $585
SAGE 3500D REEL Black Frame, Silver Spool WF9F 225 yd. ** 9 oz. $585
SAGE 3600D REEL Black Frame and Spool WF12 300 yd. ** 10.5 oz. $635
SAGE 3600D REEL Black Frame, Silver Spool WF12 300 yd. ** 10.5 oz. $635
Sage Reel Extra Spools
SAGE 2540 Black Spool       $110
SAGE 2540 Silver Spool       $110
SAGE 2550 Black Spool       $120
SAGE 2550 Silver Spool       $120
SAGE 2560 Black Spool       $130
SAGE 2560 Silver Spool       $130
SAGE 2580 Black Spool       $140
SAGE 2580 Silver Spool       $140
SAGE 3100 Black Spool       $115
SAGE 3100 Silver Spool       $115
SAGE 3200 Black Spool       $125
SAGE 3200 Silver Spool       $125
SAGE 3300 Black Spool       $135
SAGE 3300 Silver Spool       $135
SAGE 3300D Black Spool       $195
SAGE 3300D Silver Spool       $195
SAGE 3400D Black Spool       $215
SAGE 3400D Silver Spool       $215
SAGE 3500D Black Spool       $235
SAGE 3500D Silver Spool       $235
SAGE 3600D Black Spool       $255
SAGE 3600D Silver Spool       $255

* = 12 lb. backing     ** = 20 lb. backing     *** = 30 lb. backing  

You Can Get A Free Fly Line When You Purchase Your Sage 2500 Series, 3000 Series or 3000D Series Reel In Combination With Certain Fly Rods.

Please specify which hand you prefer to wind your reel with, 
so we may set the retrieve direction for you.

Please specify if you wish us to install a fly line on your new reel or extra spool.  Then make your selection from
Fly Line Section. We will install the proper size
and amount of
Micron Backing at no extra charge.

The Sage Lifetime Warranty
Every Sage rod, reel and blank is covered by our lifetime, original owner warranty.  Regardless of cause of damage, Sage will repair or replace the Sage Product while it is still owned by the original owner.

Frog Hair
This is a new type of tippet and leader.  It is made from copolymer nylon, then bombarded with gamma rays Which rearranges the molecules. 

Frog Hair tippet and leader material is engineered to be the finest copolymer available. Subjected to exacting tolerances and GAMMA's revolutionary, proprietary process, Frog Hair offers the combination of super high strength, ultra suppleness and built-in shock resistance. This unique blending creates a line that will generate more takes and provide maximum fish fighting capability.
*Low coil memory makes it easier to handle and tie knots
* Knots draw down smoothly for tighter, stronger, more
secure knots
* Supple butt materials roll out with a tighter loop and
lay out beautifully
* Supple tippet materials provide a more delicate delivery
* Thinner gauge and added suppleness reduces drag for
more natural presentation
* Increased number of takes and hook-ups
* Greater shock resistance provides greater
fighting capability
* Land more and bigger fish on lighter gauge tippet
* A more enjoyable fishing experience
Frog Hair Tippet Material
All Frog Hair tippet material is made in Japan.  It is then brought to the USA and processed with Gama Radiation which causes the molecules to interlock more evenly which gives the material more strength, especially against shock.

Item Description Size Price To Top
90000 Frog Hair Copolymer Tippet Material, 30 Meters 0X
15 lb. test
90001 Frog Hair Copolymer Tippet Material, 30 Meters 1X
13.1 lb. test
90002 Frog Hair Copolymer Tippet Material, 30 Meters 2X
11.1 lb. test
90003 Frog Hair Copolymer Tippet Material, 30 Meters 3X
8.5 lb. test
90004 Frog Hair Copolymer Tippet Material, 30 Meters 4X
6.2 lb. test
90005 Frog Hair Copolymer Tippet Material, 30 Meters 5X
4.9 lb. test
90006 Frog Hair Copolymer Tippet Material, 30 Meters 6X
3.7 lb. test
90007 Frog Hair Copolymer Tippet Material, 30 Meters 7X
2.8 lb. test

Frog Hair Knotless Tapered Leaders
These Gamma processed leaders are IGFA rated.  Which means that theses leaders are of special interest to World Record hunters.  All leaders are 9.5 feet long.  0X-3X  leaders are made with stiff .025 butt diameters for turning over large flies.  4X and 5X leaders have supple .021 butt diameters for soft presentations.  6X leaders have supple .019 butt diameter for even softer presentations.  

Item Description Size Price To Top
91033 Frog Hair Knotless Tapered Leader, Stiff Butt 0X
13.2 lb / 6.0 kg
91032 Frog Hair Knotless Tapered Leader, Stiff Butt 1X
11.0 lb / 5.0 kg
91031 Frog Hair Knotless Tapered Leader, Stiff Butt 2X
8.8 lb / 4.0 kg
91030 Frog Hair Knotless Tapered Leader, Stiff Butt 3X
6.6 lb / 3.0 kg
91003 Frog Hair Knotless Tapered Leader, Supple Butt 4X
5.5 lb / 2.5 kg
91002 Frog Hair Knotless Tapered Leader, Supple Butt 5X
4.4 lb / 2.0 kg
91001 Frog Hair Knotless Tapered Leader, Supple Butt 6X
3.3 lb / 1.5 kg
91000 Frog Hair Knotless Tapered Leader, Supple Butt 7X
2.2 lb / 1.0 kg

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