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(continued from 08/21 The Fly Fishing Shop Insider)
Journey to the Forbidden Land  (Part-3)
A three part series about Kamchatka wilderness adventure - 
by Mark Bachmann

We caught a lot of fish from the Zhuponova, but we also took time to do some site seeing with the helicopter.  The scenery in Kamchatka is spectacular.  You can fly over hundreds of square miles of the country and see no evidence that anyone has been there before you.  There are no roads, no clear-cuts, no dams on the rivers and 
no human footprints in the sand.  It's like going back to a time before man. 
There are two reasons for this, Russian security and the fact that its damn cold here much of the year.  Kamchatka is about as far north as Northern British Columbia and South East Alaska.  Warm flowing Ocean currents favor Alaska.  The Kamchatka weather pattern flows from arctic Siberia.  Whatever the reasons, Kamchatka is largely a post ice age microcosm of tundra and pristine water.  ...some parts of the world are still locked in the ice age...

...time forgot...  

...big bad ass bear...

The most famous and noticeable animals on Kamchatka are its bears.  They are much like the Kodiak bears of Alaska and were coming out of hibernation when we were there.  We saw several from the air and a few were around while we were fishing, but none were any problem.
Kamchatka is a hot bed of thermal energy.  There are smoking volcanos everywhere.  It hosts the only geyser valley in Asia.  Though much smaller than the geyser area in Yellow Stone Park, it is nonetheless dramatic.  We spent several hours watching the eruptions and all the guides had to show off by skinny-dipping in a hot springs pool.  It's a good thing that none of the bears were around because they also enjoy bathing in the hot springs.

...bare assed fishing guides in hot spring... springs pool...

...dreaming statue of a dreamer...

The last couple of days of our visit were spent in and around Petropavlovsk.  It is the largest town in Kamchatka with a population of 325,000 people.  Through the cold war it was a highly strategic military base and has the only year round
ice-free sea port in Eastern Russia.  It is a sprawling mass of block long unadorned multi-story concrete tip-ups between a skyline of smoking volcanos and a shoreline of the North Pacific.  

Lenin in Petropavlovsk
By Western standards the city is drab, but the setting is dramatic and dynamic.   The people of this land seem to be industries and confidant.  They treated us with respect and were for the most part openly friendly.  Will I go back and visit Kamchatka again?  Yes, I think so…someday.

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Oil Paintings by Roger Cooke
Hang one of these original oils in your office if you want to impress your next business contact. 

Fly fishing is a sports that bridges at least 175 generations.

Sparks Lake with Broken Top in the background.  The painting depicts a grandfather passing the heritage to his grand son, as the morning light illuminates their campground.
Size: 24"x30"
Price: $6200

Multopor Lake with Mt. Hood in the background.  Grandfather teaching the art of fly fishing to his grandson.
Size: 24"x36"
Price: $7500

"10 o'clock to 2 o'clock" 

Roger Cooke

...hatchery steelhead...

Howling gale...steep bank...covered with brush...long cast...flawed in execution...big mend...shocking pull...screaming reel...line burn across fingers...backing gone to 20 yards...line wrapped around ledge in mid-river...throw some swims free...line retightens...a few more on the beach...adipose clipped... 

maxillary clipped...nose tagged...bonked and ain't real pretty...but it was real tasty...barbequed for dinner ...&...mixed with scrabbled eggs the next morning...

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