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Sunrise on the Laguna Madre,  Gulf Coast, Texas. Texas Redfish
Fall is a great season for fly fishing.  Many fisheries get more active as the water starts to cool.  Texas Redfish are no exception. After school starts the crowds of summer  diminish.  The weather is mellow.  There are some large Reds prowling, looking for shrimp in the grass.  Red Drum
or Redfish as they are called throughout much of their range, are one of the most popular fly rod sport fish 
sunrise Laguna Madre
in the Gulf Coast states from Mexico to Florida.  That is because they are found in very shallow water where fly fishing is most productive.   Redfish are very aggressive, often feeding in tight schools of up to two dozen individuals.  This action is easy to spot because there is a lot of activity.  When a fly is dropped two feet in front of the lead fish and stripped darting through the grass several fish can attack the fly at once.  The quickest one gets a hook for his trouble.  Shallow water Reds average An average "schooly" Texas Redfish that took the fly in very shallow water.

now is time to think about Texas Redfish

A Texas Redfish smiles for the camera and displays his crushers.

6-9 pounds, but can reach over 12 pounds.  When hooked Redfish are sluggers, not runners.  The fight is more dogged than spectacular.  Don't worry, Reds pull hard enough to be a lot of fun.  Landing rates are high.  Redfish have lippy cartilaginous mouths that are specifically designed to hold a fly hook.  Once hooked they usually come to the hand.  That of course doesn't guarantee that
 you will be able to find Redfish on your own.  The Laguna Madre as the Texas coast is called is a mighty big place covering several hundreds of square miles.  A professional guide with a specialized shallow draft boat is   indispensable.   Sometimes little gulls helped us find schools of fish.  Early in the mornings we often found single

A Laghing Gull shadows a school of feeding Redfish.

This nice Redfish ate a brown shrimp fly.

fish cruising and creating wakes on a glassy water surface. This was much like stalking Bonefish.  As a matter of fact Redfish are sometimes called "Poor man's Bonefish".  I find nothing poor about them.  Reds are beautiful to look at in their own right.  They are also challenging enough.  Reds feed on critters that live in grass flats that are kind of like throwing your fly into an 

extremely long knap shag rug.  Your best bet is to put the fly as close to the fish's nose as possible.  Your fly has to be weedless.  Very long casts aren't the rule. If you can cast 50' and place your fly in a two foot circle, you are in the game most of the time.  Our guide Kenny Brewer likes a nine foot, eight weight rod loaded with a WF9F Scientific Anglers Ultra line in Sunrise color.  We concurred that this is the best size outfit for the fish and fishing conditions.  0X is fine enough for tippets.  Climax 9' 10 pound test steelhead leaders worked very well. The Texas Gulf Coast around South Padre Island is a well kept, pleasant place with unique natural beauty.  Texans have proved to be very friendly and hospitable.  Redfish are a lot of fun.  You should try them.  

Red Fly Spey Rods by Redington
Bruce Warner caught breakfast for the camp 08/23/01.  The weapon of choice, a 138/9 Red Fly. You will notice that the rod handle and the Redington L.A. reel are submerged in the muddy water.  Shortly afterward they landed another steelhead and worked perfectly. Praise has been universal for the Red Fly series of spey rods.  Offered here are the two most popular sizes for steelhead and salmon fishing. 
If you are just getting started spey rod fishing, these rods offer a very economical approach. They are extremely lightweight and well balanced.  The actions are medium fast and are easy to learn to cast with.  Both of these models are compatible with full floating and sinking-tip lines.  We would suggest that you call us for a custom Windcutter fly line that is specifically ballanced to get the best results from each model of rod.

DFR1308/9 - This rod is best suited for summer fishing in rivers which have a large component of  "one salt" steelhead.  It is adaptable to fishing sinking tips, but is really sweet as a floating line rod.  It handles very well in the wind.  Can be an effective winter rod for  moderate size rivers in.  It plays fish very effectively to the hand.
DFR149/10 - This model is a great choice for the angler who wants only one rod to fish year round.  It is a good choice for a sink-tip rod any time.  It is also a great choice anywhere 6 to 20 pound steelhead are likely to be encountered.
Red Fly Spey  Rods

Model Length Line Sections Weight Price To Top
DHFR1308/9 13' 8/9 3   $250
DHFR149/10 14' 9/10 3   $250

Record Runs of Steelhead, Chinook and Coho are expected in 2001.
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