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Sandy River, Alaska Summer Steelhead Report
Tail Gunner Flies
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2 World Trout Project Sponsored by Patagonia
Billie Jean & Ashley with Tippet the cat.

Identify the individuals and groups that protect native fish, tell their story, and support their conservation efforts.

Trout in this world are held at humanís mercy due to over fishing and destruction of habitat ranging from logging to war and an ever expanding population.

We are fortunate in our world to have special individuals and groups working tirelessly to preserve indigenous trout. Artist/Author James Prosek had illustrated this point with a story about his first trip to the Zeta River in Serbia-Montenegro to search for the rare softmouth trout. After 3 weeks of searching and finding absolutely nothing, they felt the trout was extinct. Reports from locals, including the President of the local fisheries club lamented the loss of the

softmouth trout. A tip about a single man protecting these fish in his local, spring fed tributary prompted a scientific team to return. Because of this single manís passion, the team discovered to their dismay, hundreds of fish. As a side note, with the commitment by the University of Lubjiana that is the recipient of revenues from World Trout, this scientific team has become a viable project with an official name Ė Balkan Trout Restoration Group.

This is one of many projects funded by World Trout which in turn is funded by Patagonia through sales by their dealers, such as The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon.

There are special fundings for Steelhead and Cutthroat trout that are close to home.
We are offering two editions of Patagonia's World Trout T-Shirts because all wild trout are precious.

In 2005 World Trout generated $65,190 for the first 3 groups.
Thus far this year, they have generated $49,425!
Wearing one of these shirts will let everyone know you have helped too.

steelhead trout
cutthroat trout
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Sandy River, Alaska Kings
By: Josh Linn

Josh Linn on the Sandy River, AK.

Last year about this time I got a call from one of my good friends. He told me about an opportunity to guide on a famous river in Alaska, the Sandy River. What a coincidence, that's the name of my home river here in Oregon. This sounded like the ingredients for and outstanding adventure. I started inquiring about Alaska's Sandy River, and found out it used to be called river X.  In a small circle of well traveled anglers, it is well known for it's steelhead fishing. About 2 weeks later I was there. I had never been anywhere like this Sandy River, although I know

similar places exist. This must be what Iceland, Russia or even Southern Argentina look like; flat and desolate with low vegetation.   The landscape around the Sandy is covered in tundra with volcanoes jutting up in the distance. It might not be in a foreign country but it is an exotic location. It is an international destination. People travel all over the world to get there. This medium/large size river is best fished with a two handed rod, sink tip line and large flies.  The river cuts a large swath through the tundra on it's way to the Bering sea. Everywhere you

A big rod bends ans a big King leaves the area.
Steady pressure and some luck brings him to the net.

look you see that perfect water for swinging flies.  At first I wondered why these fish were called "kings". I had only fished them at home, where they are a long way from the salt,  not that aggressive to the fly.  At home kings (we call them Chinooks) can lack energy. Sure they are big, but doesn't that make them a king? During the first week of my stay we had a few British anglers at the lodge. They were fishing their very intricate and beautiful Temple Dog flies, dressed with Polar Bear hair and Jungle Cock eyes. I thought it was somewhat of a waste to fish such

expensive flies for these fish.  Who wants to loose a $10 fly on the bottom or some tundra snag.  One day I was talking to one of these Brits about flies, and I asked him why he fished such nice flies for these Salmon? He told me he had fished all over the Kola Peninsula for Atlantic salmon and these fish really were "The Kings".  I come to find out later, that these 2 guys were some of the first anglers to fish the Kola Peninsula and that many of the runs in those rivers are named after them. The next week a new set of clients arrived. They too were

Wow, what a beauty.

fishing very intricate patterns filled with jungle cock and polar bear but a more American type of stinger fly. I've seen a lot of steelhead flies but these flies are out of control. By the end of the season I saw a few hundred salmon hooked, many scorching runs into the backing. Aerial acrobatics that put many other sport fish to shame. These beautiful wild and aggressive fish really are kings. Chrome bright and full of sea lice. Maybe they really do deserve flies tied with Polar Bear Hair and Jungle Cock.  Maybe you deserve to find out. 
If you think so call Josh: 1-800-266-3971.

Summer Steelhead/Salmon Run Predictions and Up-dates!

Gary Lawrence 2 hours into his first spey casting lesson, Clackamas River.

Mark Bachmann with North Santiam steelhead.

Summer Steelhead Fishing is a key part of the activity around  The Fly Fishing Shop.  Fishing forays are made weekly to keep us up-to-date with first hand proprietary information.  The best part is that Patty and I have to collect much of this information in person.  Also John, Roger, Josh, Jeff, Brian, Marty, Hawkeye, Ron & Leroy contribute to our awareness nearly every day.
Well that's just the way it is.  It's dirty dangerous work, but someone has to do it.

Summer Steelhead/Salmon Run Predictions and Up-dates, by River!

Clackamas River Water conditions are good.  There are small numbers of bright summer steelhead.  Most of the Spring Chinooks are beyond their prime.  Will be more fish as the water comes up in the fall.
Clear Water River Very little steelhead activity at present.  Will start fishing in September/October.  Best period for fly fishing October 1-15.  
Deschutes River There are fishable numbers in the river now.  Fish are scattered to the town water in Maupin.  Water is very good level and temperature.  White River glacial run-off is non existent.
Grand Rhonde River No steelhead activity at present.  Will start fishing in October/November.  Best period for fly fishing is October 15 to November 15.  
Hood River River There are still fair numbers of  bright steelhead stacked up in the mile below Power Dale Dam.  The rest of the river from from the dam to the mouth has sparser numbers of fish. Cool nights are offering clearing water.
John Day River Not much steelhead activity yet.  A few fish are at the mouth of the river. Predictions of run size and water conditions are favorable for fall fishing.  Best period for fly fishing October & November. 
Klickitat River There are fair numbers of very bright steelhead.  The run will continue to build through November.  Cool nights are favorable for water color.  Most predictable period for fly fishing is October. 
North Santiam River Water conditions are good.  Still good numbers of bright summer steelhead.  Fishing has been good for anglers willing to cover water.  Fishes well through October.
North Umpqua River Fair numbers of very bright fish are scattered in the fly-only water now.  This run will build throughout the summer. Seasonal water conditions should be favorable.  Best fishing period is August through October.
Rogue River A few half-pounders and adult steelhead in the lower river now. This run will build throughout the summer. Seasonal water conditions should be favorable.  Steelhead run is expected to be similar to last ten year average.  Best fishing period is August through October.
Sandy River There are sparse numbers of fairly bright steelhead scattered in the 25-miles below Marmot Dam.  Cool nights are offering favorable conditions.  Expect a very large run of Coho Salmon September/October. 

ya gotta watch your tail...

Tail Gunner Steelhead Flies Black Beauty     Green Butt     Purple Angel We have proven to ourselves that two flies on a cast will hook more Deschutes steelhead than fishing with only one fly.  The reasons are obvious.  There are twice as many flies to see and twice the chance that one of them will come to the fish in exactly the right place.  If two different patterns or two different sizes are used, there is twice the chance of having the right one.  The two most common ways of attaching the second fly to a leader is with a dropper. Our favorite dropper is made from the tag end of #15 Maxima Clear

which is the section that is blood-knotted to the #10 Maxima tippet.  We have also used the "in-line" method  where the tippet section is tied to the hook bend of a fly and then a second fly is attached to the other end. Both ways have been proven with steelhead on the beach, but both methods have their flaws.  Droppers tend to tangle on bad casting days.  Certain kinds of casts such as the single spey will tangle the dropper around the leader with regularity.  The in-line method will often make the upper fly roll on its side or make it ride upside down.  This appears to be caused when the knot attached to the bend works its way down low on the hook bend.  The tippet to the point fly provides lift from the currents and flips the fly over. We have gotten more strikes and solid hooks up with the dropper method and we always figured it was because the upper fly on the in-line method wasn't riding right.  However, the flies tangle less when casting while using the "in-line" method. Three years ago I found a solution. A loop of braided monofilament was attached to the hook and a fly was tied over the top of it.  This produced an in-line fly with an attachment that allowed the fly to remain hydrodynamically stable.  Tests and refinements have lead to the three fly series shown here.  The flies won't appear to be very innovative at first glance.  They shouldn't be.  Night Dancers, Green Butt Skunk, and Purple Angels have landed hundreds of steelhead.  Each has a loop where the tail should be so you can attach your tippet.  You can attach your skinny, artsy flies to the end of your tippet and rest assured that you already have one proven winner in the water with it.  To our knowledge this is the first series of flies that have been produced specifically to be used as "second" flies.  They will of course fish as well as a "point" fly.  They can also be use as second and "third" flies where three flies are presented with each cast.  Each extra fly might increase your chances by 30%.

Tail Gunner, Black Beauty This fly is pattered after the idea of Frank Amato's famous Night Dancer.  It provides a very dark silhouette that shows up against the water surface as the light fades in the evening.  The Black Beauty is dressed with long flowing webby hackle to add movement.  A mixture of silver Flashabou and pearl Krystal Flash privides contrast.

 Black Beauty
Item Description Size Price To Top
06576-04 Tail Gunner, Black Beauty 4 3 for $5.95

Find Me Here!

Tail Gunner, Green Butt The Green Butt Skunk is no doubt on of the most successful steelhead patterns of all time.  It has produced strikes in nearly every water color and light condition.  It only seems reasonable that it is also our favorite "dropper" fly pattern. Green Butt
Item Description Size Price To Top
06577-04 Tail Gunner, Green Butt 4 3 for $5.95

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Tail Gunner, Purple Angel White wing flies that are mostly purple with a bright colored butt are extremely popular east of the Cascade Mountains. Purple Angel
Item Description Size Price To Top
06578-04 Tail Gunner, Purple Angel 4 3 for $5.95

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Tail Gunner Flies, Complete Set, (9) flies in all, (3) each of Black Beauty, Green Butt, Purple Angel
Item Description Price To Top
0657SET Tail Gunner Flies, Complete Set, 9-flies in all, 3-each of Black Beauty, Green Butt, Purple Angel $17.85

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Custom River Anchors

River Anchors Stillwater Anchors


When you park your boat in moving water the first and most important item is, "secure the boat". Nothing is worse than seeing your boat floating off "un-manned". Our anchors are designed after traditional drift-boat river anchors, but some are scaled down for smaller, lighter weight pontoon boats and rafts. During the 15-years we have been producing these anchors, there have been many incremental changes in their design and construction to make them fit pontoon boats better, to make them hold more securely and to make them more durable.  There are no sharp edges that will damage your boat or anchor rope during casual contact. Remember the longer the scope on the anchor rope the more the anchor will hold. Twelve pound

anchors are for boats from 8' to 10' in length.  Twenty pound anchors are for boats from 11' to 13' in length.  Thirty pound anchors are for pontoon boats to 18' in length, drift boats and small jet boats.  These anchors are mad from solid steel, which is much more durable and less polluting that lead. Shipping is free in the USA. Remember anchors are heavy to ship.
After some deliberation in the area of environmental safeguards with our shop people and our largest supplier of pontoon boats and floating products (Outcast Sporting Goods), we have decided to not supply LEAD anchors to the public. We have marketed Steel anchors of our own

12-pounder hangs from a PAC 900.
design for some time, though we have (until recently) used an occasional LEAD anchor on our own watercraft. We find that steel holds as well as lead in all conditions, without the environmental risks that are associated with lead. There have been many watersheds in recent years that are no longer allowing lead to be used as weight while fly fishing (though alternatives are allowed). If fisheries officials are thinking a few grams of lead on your leader (X- many fishers) can lead to adverse water conditions, then it is not really a quantum leap to think what a 30-pound anchor might do. While the lead anchor will leave residue on the river bottom during normal use, many of us have seen (or experienced) lost anchors on the river bottom in the past. We wonder what a 30 pound lead anchor might do if left in the river for many years?  We are grateful to Outcast for going this direction also.  We have no desire to point the accusing finger at any boater for using ANY type of anchor at this point. The past is, well, water under the bridge so to speak. As we progress in life (actually fishing), we learn more about what we do. Getting more information causes us to make a higher level of informed decisions.  We enjoy an ongoing discussion about our fisheries at our shop (as you might imagine) and what is best or not for the fish we seek. Regardless of our personal opinions, we try to avoid any political issues as we are running a business, not an opinion clearing house. We have found that in the past it is always better to lead by example, not by authority. We practice catch and release, we believe in barbless hooks and we pack out what we packed in. Now we no longer use lead anchors.  
Item Description Price To Top
ANCHOR1 Custom 12 lb. River Anchor $46.00

ANCHOR2 Custom 20 lb. River Anchor $62.00

ANCHOR3 Custom 30 lb. River Anchor $101.00

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