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Fresh hatched Salmon Fly. In our region, stone flies hatch from January through August. There are at least two dozen species which are important in the adult stage to the trout angler. These range between the tiny Winter Blacks (3/8") to the giant Salmon Fly (over 2").  The Salmon fly hatch on Oregon's Deschutes in May/June, is arguably the best dry fly fishing the Pacific Northwest has to offer. The hatch starts at the mouth of the river in the first week of May. By May 25th there are usually a few Salmon Flies at Warm Springs. The first week in June is peak for the best fifty miles, between Maupin and Warm Springs. The hatch trickles off through June and there are scattered salmon flies around Pelton Dam most 
years  until nearly the first of July. The so-called hatch occurs when the nymphs crawl out of the water.  The nymphs will usually seek out tree trunks or other vegetation or any solid but porous structure where the claws of the nymphal feet will stay fastened securely so emergence of the adult insect can progress with out interruption.  Since this hatch happens on land, it is of small importance to fishing in comparison to may fly or caddis hatches that happen at the surface of water.  Most of the actual "hatching" happens at night or early in the morning.

Salmon Fly in the grass.

Salmon Flies Mating. It can continue in daylight hours on cloud cover days or in deeply shaded areas.   It is after the insects have hatched and have become active adults that they become important as trout food.  During the night adult salmon flies become inactive.  Their favorite places to rest or mate is in the streamside vegetation.  Much of this vegetation over hangs the water.  In the mid to late morning as the air temperatures rise, the adults become active and start crawling and flying around.  They are clumsy and some will
inevitably land in the water. It is at the river's edge that the best dry fly action usually occurs.  Since the majority of the salmon flies are concentrated around the water, the trout will take up stations under overhanging trees and grass.  Casting your salmon fly imitation up stream under the over hanging trees has always been one of the secrets to successfully fishing the hatch.  During the warm part of the day there will be a fairly Salmon Fly with tattered wings at the end of the line.
constant rain of fluttering and flopping bugs onto the water.  Pin-point casting accuracy is much more important than delicate casts.  Real salmon flies are heavy and hit the water hard.  The perfect set-up is a medium fast action six weight rod, and a 6'-7' long leader tapered down to 3X.  You need to be able to poke the fly under low hanging branches and through holes in the brush.  In many ways fishing the salmon fly hatch has more in common with bass bugging that classic dry fly fishing. 

Salmon Fly Hatch Equalizer Kit
Bullet Head Salmon

Bullet Head Golden

Clark Stone

Improved Sofa Pillow

Robotic Salmon Fly

Norm Wood Special

The salmon Fly Hatch is arguably the best dry fly fishing west of the Rockies.  Here is an assortment of dry flies that will give you the edge when fishing this hatch.  It contains (2) each of the six following patterns: Bullet Head Salmon, Bullet Head Golden, Clark Stone, Improved Sofa Pillow, Robotic Salmon Fly & Norm Wood Special.  There are 12 flies total.  Price includes shipping in U.S.

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SALEQUAL Salmon Fly Equalizer Kit $20.95

New Saltwater Flats Flies
Offered here are to of the newest additions to our saltwater fly collection.
Bone Minnow, Gray
On the flats of southern Belize, we encountered bonefish that were actively feeding on small minnows.  These flats are made up of patches of 
barren sand, clumps of grass and dense mats of  turtle grass.  Colors ranged from stark white to dark green. Bonefish are famous for quickly changing color to match this kind of landscape.  The minnow also have the color change capability.   
Item Description Size Price To Top
06248-06 Bone Minnow, Gray 6 3 for $5.85
06248-08 Bone Minnow, Gray 8 3 for $5.85

Bone Minnow, Olive
Olive back for grassy back grounds and gray back for sandy back grounds.  Much of the water is less than two feet deep and some of the fish holding 
spots are only inches deep.  Fishy looks/action, weedless and easy to cast became became the design criteria.  The Bone Minnow Series offers proven results.
Item Description Size Price To Top
06249-06 Bone Minnow, Olive 6 3 for $5.85
06249-08 Bone Minnow, Olive 8 3 for $5.85

Fly Tail Shrimp, Pink
The silicone "wiggle-tail" ripples and swims as the fly is retrieved.  This series of fly patterns have prominent eyes which are known targets for predatory game fish.  So do real shrimp. This fly scoots across the bottom with seductive motion and remains fairly shag free because of the stiff monofilament whiskers that protect the hook point.
Item Description Size Price To Top
06329-04 Fly Tail Shrimp, Pink 4 3 for $10.50

Fly Tail Shrimp, Tan
Many of our most esteemed saltwater flats species of game fish eat shrimp, including snook, bonefish, permit, redfish and sea trout.  Texas sea trout especially like the tan shrimp.  Try fishing the Pink Fly Tail Shrimp along the mangroves for shook.  The white shrimp is a proven pattern for permit and larger bonefish on light colored flats.
Item Description Size Price To Top
06330-04 Fly Tail Shrimp, Tan 4 3 for $10.50

Fly Tail Shrimp, White
Flies which have a lot of swimming motion attract attention and fire up the kill instincts in predatory fish. Fly Tail Shrimp patterns are easy to cast and are comparatively weedless.
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06331-04 Fly Tail Shrimp, White 4 3 for $10.50

Roosters At East Cape, Baja, Mexico

REPORT FROM GARY GRAHAM'S BAJA ON THE FLY:  There is a tremendous amount of bait on the beach and as one might expect, the game fish have been on the prowl. We’ve been getting a good number of shots at roosters in the high teens and beyond, however they are not easy to deceive. There is often so much bait that one’s fly gets lost in the crowd. Nevertheless, my fellow guide Josh Dickenson and I fished hard for many hours yesterday (testing the waters, so to speak) and must have run and walked miles chasing fish. I hooked a rooster in the teens 

and had a repeat of my last hook up . . . tight line followed by solid strip strikes followed by the hook coming free! Moments later, Josh had the same thing happen. We sharpened our hooks big time and went back at it. I had some heart stopping follows, but no more hook ups. But Josh hooked a gorgeous rooster of 18 pounds. Photos taken, of course. The weather is becoming warmer by the day and chasing roosters is definitely becoming a pursuit for the physically and mentally fit. They certainly make you work for every bite! Not too many boats going out of the hotels, but those returning are flying some flags: a few dorado, and a good number of marlin flags. The marlin bite has been quite close to La Ribera.   

Baja Beach Fishing Flies
Fishing from the beaches along the Baja side of the Sea of Cortez can be very productive if you have a selection of the right flies.  Listed below are some of the most proven patterns:
Epoxy Head Bait Fish, Gray Back Minnow
The Epoxy Head Gray Minnow has been affectionately dubbed the Mexican Killer because it has proven trip after trip to be the most effective fly on tuna, dorado and even rooster fish from Manzenelo to East Cape.
Item Description Size Price To Top
64277-2/0 Epoxy Head Bait Fish, Gray Back Minnow 2/0, 3.5" $3.25
Deep Eyed Minnow, Olive and White
Item Description Size Price To Top
50078-04 Deep Eyed Minnow, Olive and White 4 3 for $5.85

3 ALF Nursery Schooler, Olive Sardina

Item Description Size Price To Top
00732-2/0 ALF Nursery Schooler, Olive Sardina 2/0 $3.50
Pencil Popper, Ever-Glo White
#1/0 - 3/8" x 2 3/4"
Wounded fish color.  Easy to see in all light conditions.  A great fly in the day time. Glows in the dark.
Item Description Size Price To Top
00863-1/0 Pencil Popper, Ever-Glo White 1/0 $2.95

Bermuda Triangle Taper Saltwater Lines
Line up with Wulff's newest family of fly lines, the Bermuda Triangle Tapers. Built to withstand the wilting heat of tropical flats and blistering decks, this line will continue to cast like a rocket when others have folded up. That's because we build it around a special 16-strand braided monofilament core that stays stiff to deliver blazing casts -- even in blazing heat. The finish is also harder and stickier than Wulff regular saltwater lines, with a slightly bumpy texture that helps facilitate longer casts. And, because it's a Triangle Taper, it features a tip that can be customized. The lighter, neutral colors "disappear" into the sea and sky for added 
stealth. Works best at temperatures above  70 
degrees Fahrenheit but can be used at lower temperatures.  We first heard about these lines from our old friend Tom White who guides tarpon trips out of Marathon, Florida.  The Bermuda Triangle Taper has quickly become one of the most popular saltwater lines that we sell.
Item Description Price To Top 
SWTB8F Royal Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper, Floating Line $63.95
SWTB9F Royal Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper, Floating Line $63.95
SWTB10F Royal Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper, Floating Line $67.95
SWTB11F Royal Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper, Floating Line $67.95
SWTB12F Royal Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper, Floating Line $67.95
Item Description Price To Top 
SWTBLT8FI Royal Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper, With Clear Intermediate Tip $63.95
SWTBLT9FI Royal Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper, With Clear Intermediate Tip $63.95
SWTBLT10FI Royal Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper, With Clear Intermediate Tip $67.95
SWTBLT11FI Royal Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper, With Clear Intermediate Tip $67.95
SWTBLT12FI Royal Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper, With Clear Intermediate Tip $67.95

Spey Clave 2004, After The Fact
It came off better than anyone could have expected! 


Even though the weather was a little gloomy, the programs and the crowd were extremely up beat.  The crew at Oxbow Park did a marvelous job of preparing our site.  Fourteen fly tackle rep groups put literally hundreds of rod/reel/line combinations on display as customer demos.  This was quite probably the largest display of spey tackle ever assembled where anglers could try it on moving water.  The on-the-water instructional demonstrations were the best ever. Ron Lauzon and Leroy Teeple were the opening act.  They explained the very basics  of spey casting with their program: "Roll Cast To Spey Cast".  

Simon Gawesworth followed with his program: "The Evolution Of Spey Casting".  We learned that the art of casting with two-hand fly rods has been evolving over hundreds of years. George Cook brought us up to date with his program on casts that were originated in the Pacific    

Northwest.  The two day event progressed with six on the water demonstrations each day by such spey casting luminaries as: Andy Murray, Brian Silvey, Mark Bachmann, Al Buhr, Scott O'Donnell, Mike McCune, Steve Choate, Way Yin & Ed Ward.  In addition to 

casting on the water,  World Champion Caster, Steve Rajeff dazzled the crowd with his exhibition on  tournament distance casting. He usually casts nearly 300', but

there was only about 250' of room, so his longest cast sailed out over the river bank and out of sight.  During the two day event our crew of Patty, Bob, Bob, Laura, Jeff & Tilda kept everything running smooth and fed over 700 people.  Even though the river was unseasonably low and clear, there were several steelhead and spring Chinooks caught 

by anglers who attended the Clave.  As usual Ed Ward was the top rod.  I think his score was five hooked and three landed. The Sandy River spey Clave has evolved into the largest event of its kind in the United States.  This year's Clave was the best ever.  Will there be a 2005 Clave?  Yes, there will be.  We are already making plans.  Thanks to all who attended in 2004.
Fish long & prosper,

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