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Early Season Lake Flies
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Cast a Winston Rod Today and Win!
Soon You Could Be Owning Six Winstons
Winston BIIX

Cast a Winston at The Fly Fishing Shop
1) you’ll experience the finest fly rods made and
2) be able to enter the Winston Sampler Contest.
Grand Prize: 6 Winston rods — 1 Boron IIx Fresh, 1 Boron IIx Salt, 1 LT5, 1 WT, 1 Vapor and 1 Ascent.

When a customer comes in our store to “Cast a Winston”, they can fill out a contest entry card and enter the “Cast a Winston” contest.  The Contest will run through December 31, 2006. 

After December 31st, all the cards will be placed in the drawing.  One card will be drawn and one lucky customer will win the GRAND PRIZE Winston Sampler consisting of 6 Boron IIx Freshwater rod, one Boron IIx Saltwater rod, one LT5, one WT, one Vapor and one Ascent rod!!  From the remaining cards, we will pick our 27 Regional Winners, and three prizes, a 1st place Boron IIx, a 2nd place Vapor, and a 3rd place Ascent, will be awarded to the winning customers in each of our 9 sales regions. 
By CASTING A WINSTON, customers will have 4 chances to win Winston rods! 

To help track the effectiveness of this program, customers who PURCHASE a Winston rod immediately after CASTING A WINSTON, will receive a coupon for 40% off on up to $200 in accessories upon our receipt of their warranty card with a valid CAST A WINSTON card attached.

All customers who buy a Winston Rod from our web site will receive all of the same opportunities as customers buying a Winston Rod from our store.

Winston burl maple reel seat.  WOW !!!

The Deadly Dozen Early Season Lake Flies
An angler having fun with his fly rod on a lake.

With all of the snow pack we have in the Pacific Northwest this spring, lakes and rivers are going to be unusually full of water.  While this situation may not work to the best advantage for river fishers, it will certainly be good for stillwater anglers.  As a matter of fact this will be the best season for fly fishing public lakes out of the last ten years.  With that in mind, we thought you might want to know what the most popular flies are for fishing Pacific Northwest Lakes.

Zug Bug Scud Water Boatman Brown Leech
Pheasant Tail F.B. Damsel Nymph Lake Bait Maroon Leech
B.H.F.B. Hairs Ear V-Rib Midge Black Leech Flash-A-Bugger
Lake Fly Selection

Zug Bug
This is one of the fly patterns that seems to catch a few fish any where there are trout. It is nondescript in that it doesn't represent any one specie of insect, is close enough to look like many things that trout eat.  It can be crawled along the bottom and look like a cased caddis larva or retrieved
Zug Bug
higher in the water column to look like a dragon fly or mayfly nymph.  It is and always will be a to producer in many different kinds of lakes, nearly any time of year.
Item Description Size Price To Top
12450-08 Zug Bug 8 3 for $5.25

12450-10 Zug Bug 10 3 for $5.25

12450-12 Zug Bug 12 3 for $5.25

12450-14 Zug Bug 14 3 for $5.25

Pheasant Tail Nymph, Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph, Flashback
This is a very popular pattern that looks like a Callibaetis  Mayfly Nymph that is about ready to hatch.
Item Description Size Price To Top
12262-12 Pheasant Tail Nymph, Flashback 12 3 for $5.25

12262-14 Pheasant Tail Nymph, Flashback 14 3 for $5.25

12262-16 Pheasant Tail Nymph, Flashback 16 3 for $5.25

12262-18 Pheasant Tail Nymph, Flashback 18 3 for $5.25

Bead Head Flash Back Hares Ear Bead Head Flash Back Hares Ear 
Who knows what fish think this fly is?  When wet, it looks like a mayfly nymph, a scud or it could be a water boatman with its air bubble attached.  Some times it will out fish any other fly in your box.
Item Description Size Price To Top
9039-12 Bead Head Flash Back Hares Ear 12 3 for $5.25

9039-14 Bead Head Flash Back Hares Ear 14 3 for $5.25

9039-16 Bead Head Flash Back Hares Ear 16 3 for $5.25

Scud, Gray/Olive
This is still the most popular "Old Stand-by".  A mixture of multicolored animal hair dubbing and very sparse Mylar flash gives this fly very life-like looks and movements.  Also the sink rate is about right for many situations.  The "Scud, Gray/Olive" has been changed very little since 1984.
Scud, Gray/Olive
Item Description Size Price To Top
12300-08 Scud, Gray/Olive 8 3 for $5.25

12300-10 Scud, Gray/Olive 10 3 for $5.25

12300-12 Scud, Gray/Olive 12 3 for $5.25

12300-14 Scud, Gray/Olive 14 3 for $5.25

12300-16 Scud, Gray/Olive 16 3 for $5.25

12300-18 Scud, Gray/Olive 18 3 for $5.25

Bachmann's Damsel Nymph, Olive
In weedy lakes damsel fly nymphs can reach very dense populations.  They usually get more active as the water warms in the spring.  Trout and bass can fee selectively on these inch long & green tasty tid-bits.  Fish with a slow jerky retrieve along the edge of weed beds.
Bachmann's Damsel Nymph, Olive
Item Description Size Price To Top
9230-10 Bachmann's Damsel Nymph, Olive 10 3 for $5.25

9230-12 Bachmann's Damsel Nymph, Olive 12 3 for $5.25

V-Rib Midge, Black V-Rib Midge, Black
This is one of the most successful lake flies of all time.  It can be fished deep with a sinking fly line or dangled under a strike indicator. Early in the spring fish this fly as a trailer behind a deep sunk leach or flash-a-bugger.
Item Description Size Price To Top
12390-12 V-Rib Midge, Black Pupa 12 3 for $5.25

12390-14 V-Rib Midge, Black Pupa 14 3 for $5.25

12390-16 V-Rib Midge, Black Pupa 16 3 for $5.25

Water Boatman, Brown
Water boatmen are reported to occur in fresh water through out most of the world. In certain local ponds lakes and reservoirs they occur in dense populations.  In the edge water of many local rivers with habitats as diverse as the spring fed Deschutes to the glacial fed Sandy water boatmen populations can be very prolific.  When other aquatic insects are still dormant from the cold of winter, water boatmen can be very active. 

Water Boatman, Brown

Item Description Size Price To Top
00531-12 Water Boatman, Brown 12 3 for $5.25

Lake Bait
This neutral colored soft hackle fly is very productive on all lakes, but is especially productive on alkaline desert lakes.It fishes best with a slow sinking line and jerky retrieve.  This fly doesn't represent a specific insect, but has a dragon fly nymph look to it.  The Lake Bait has accounted for some very large trout and is also a good early season bass fly.
Lake Bait
Item Description Size Price To Top
99314-08 Lake Bait 8 3 for $5.25

99314-10 Lake Bait 10 3 for $5.25

Bachmann's Bead Head Leech, Black Bead Head Leech, Black
There are many "wormy" looking creatures that live in aquatic environments. Most lakes and weedy streams have dense populations of leeches. During much of the time they are buried in the substrate or bottom vegetation. However during low light
conditions they often forage about where they are exposed to patrolling game fish. Trout and bass seek out these tender morsels and eat them like candy. This is especially true early in the spring before weeds start to grow.
Item Description Size Price To Top
9041-06 Bead Head Leech, Black 6 3 for $5.85

9041-08 Bead Head Leech, Black 8 3 for $5.85

9041-10 Bead Head Leech, Black 10 3 for $5.85

Bachmann's Bead Head Leech, Brown Bead Head Leech, Brown
Leeches are flat when at rest, often are nearly coin shaped.  They elongate when crawling or swimming, but even in a moving mode, they are still flattened.  The Bead Head Leech series was first tied by Mark Bachmann to imitate the flattened appearance of leeches.  It has been very successful.
Item Description Size Price To Top
9044-06 Bead Head Leech, Brown 6 3 for $5.85

9044-08 Bead Head Leech, Brown 8 3 for $5.85

9044-10 Bead Head Leech, Brown 10 3 for $5.85

Bachmann's Bead Head Leech, Maroon Bead Head Leech, Maroon
When examining the stomach contents of a couple of fat keepers from Chickahominy Reservoir several dozen leeches were examined.  They were all many sizes from an inch to three inches.  Three main colors were observed; black, brown and some that were maroonish.  Maroon is a productive color.
Item Description Size Price To Top
9042-06 Bead Head Leech, Maroon 6 3 for $5.85

9042-10 Bead Head Leech, Maroon 10 3 for $5.85

Flash-A-Bugger, Black
This is the number one early season fly for most lakes.  It is proven productive for both trout and bass. It is also a very good option for summer steelhead, especially during low water periods.  
Flash-A-Bugger, Black
Item Description Size Price To Top
11800-04 Flash-A-Bugger, Black 4 3 for $5.25

11800-06 Flash-A-Bugger, Black 6 3 for $5.25

11800-08 Flash-A-Bugger, Black 8 3 for $5.25

11800-10 Flash-A-Bugger, Black 10 3 for $5.25

Lake Fly Selection in a box ready to go.

Lake Fly Selection
This kit will prepare you for fishing the Lakes for trout with wet flies.  It is also a good idea to have this kit when fishing for bass and panfish.
This assortment contains: (2) Zug Bug, (2) Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph, (2) Gold Rib Hares Ear, (2) Olive Scud, (2) Bachmann Damsel, Olive (2) V-Rib Chironomid, Black, (2) Water Boatman, (2) Lake Bait, (2) Bachmann's Leech, Black, (2) Bachmann's Leech, Brown, (2) Bachmann's Leech, Maroon, (2) Black Fash-A- Bugger, for a total of 24 flies in all - in a clear 7-compartment box.
Item Description Price To Top
06522 Lake Fly Selection from FlyH2o $43.95

Have you put it on the calendar & booked your motel/hotel room for:
The Greatest Spey Rod Party On Earth?
The Sandy River Spey Clave, May 13-14, at Oxbow Park on the Sandy River
Don't miss: Ron Lauzon & Leroy Teeple
May 13, 9:00-9:30am
Ron Lauzon

Ron & Leroy, an easy going team that just naturally gets along with every one.  They teach lots of fly fishing classes for The Fly Fishing Shop, covering diversified subjects from entry level fly fishing to the most advanced Spey casting techniques. The road to success in any technically oriented endeavor starts with solid basics.  In order to to teach good basics a master must completely understand his subject.  Ron & Leroy spend as much time studying as teaching.  That is why they are the lead-off on the water

 program  for the 2006 Sandy River Spey Clave.  We feel if the audience is provided with a program on the most basic aspects of Spey casting they will be able to enjoy the more complex programs even better.  We hope you come early for breakfast provided by the Santiam Spey Casters Club and then be ready for Ron & Leroy.  Even if you are an experienced old-hand at casting two-handers, you will enjoy this refresher course. 

Leroy Teeple
Leroy Teeple is one of three FFF Certified Spey Casting instructors in the State of Oregon. He and Ron Lauzon make a potent team working out of The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon.
Streaming Video Click for Video.: Meet Leroy Teeple FFF Certified Spey Casting Instructor

 A Freebie!
Open for all Sandy Spey Clave attendees, a FREE “Casting Fault Analysis Clinic” hosted by instructors Ron Lauzon and Leroy Teeple. The clinic will start after the feature presenters and be one hour in duration. We will have a brief session for “Q and A” to discuss some of the faults as: tailing, hooking, creeping, and then move on to the individual attendees for a “show and tell”. We will work with individuals to solve their casting issues. Traditional, Scandinavian, and Skagit disciplines will be discussed.
Saturday, 3pm -4pm. (Before the G. Loomis Barbeque)
Sunday,   2pm-3pm.  (Try a new rod time)


Up-river from the demonstrator’s area, top of the run, see you there!

Rio Shooting Lines
Rio SlickShooter PowerFlex Core Shooting Line
Pete Gadd works the Klickitat River using a Rio Skagit Spey line, which has been modified with PowerFlex Core Shooting Line.

There are a number of reasons for using shooting heads and shooting lines.  Traditionally shooting lines are used to cut down on friction in the rod guides while performing long casts.  A floating or sinking head is used to load the rod, the cast is made and the head pulls the fine diameter shooting line behind it.  First used for tournament distance casting, this system quickly migrated to salt water, and Pacific salmon fishing.  Since then it has been used for many fly fishing applications.  The newest arena where shooting heads and shooting lines are making an impact is in Spey fishing.  Spey line shooting heads have been popular for a number of years in Scandinavia.  Many west coast steelhead anglers have also found Scandinavian style shooting heads to be very practical for fishing their rivers.  The original Skagit style lines were shooting heads.  The latest fad is to replace the running lines on Rio's Skagit Spey and WindCutter lines with Rio PowerFlex Core Shooting Line, because it is slicker and more tangle free than the original running line.  Also one reel can be loaded with backing and a shooting line, and many heads can be interchanged on to it.  This system creates less bulk than packing around several extra reel spools.

Rio SlickShooter

A super hard, slick finish oval-shaped nylon shooting line.  Has no memory after being stretched before fishing each day.  Has an extremely low coefficient of friction for long distance casts.

Length: 115 feet

Rio SlickShooter

Item Description Size Price To Top
20490 Rio SlickShooter 35 pound-test $9.95

20491 Rio SlickShooter 55 pound-test $9.95

Rio Powerflex® Core Shooting Lines

Improved for 2005, Powerflex core shooting lines feature a strong single strand monofilament core that results in a thin diameter and a very smooth finish for maximum shootability and distance. Made with RIO’s proprietary SlickShooter® Process to provide maximum durability and retain the smooth, slick coating that makes these lines so easy to cast. The ultimate shooting line when distance and manageability are important, they combine the slickness and suppleness needed for the highest in performance and are virtually tangle free. These lines were developed for

Rio Powerflex® Core Shooting Lines

fishing with indicators for salmon and steelhead in the Great Lakes and West Coast fisheries, as well as being an excellent choice when used with the RIO and Scandinavian style Shooting Heads.
All shooting lines come with RIO’s proprietary welded loops on both ends.
The rear loop is small, so the backing can be attached in a very streamlined fashion.  The front loop is large enough so that a whole line spool can be passed through it.
Length: 100 ft (30.5 m)
Color: Floating: Chartreuse
Item Description Size Price To Top
19021 Rio Powerflex Core Shooting Line, Floating .035-inch 35.00

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