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Fly Fishing Landing Nets

Nets are elementary tools for landing fish.  In the sport of fly fishing nets are a secondary method for landing fish.  The rod/reel/line are the primary tools.  In this sport many fish are landed without nets.  However, in the sport of trout fishing, nets are often helpful, practical tools for landing fish that are hooked with tiny flies and played on light leaders.  Often the anglers is in a position that the fish may not be beached or grabbed.  The preferred method is to lead the fish over the net and then the net is lifted and the fish sinks into the bag which is supported by a bow.  The more the

fish struggles the deeper it sinks into the net. Nets are essential for landing fish when the angler is in a boat or float tube.  The intended use will influence your choice in size and shape of your net.  Size-range of fish will dictate the size of the net.  Nets used from floating devices usually have longer handles than nets that are used while wading. Nets with rubber bags even though heavier are gaining popularity over nets with mesh bags.  They injure fish less and are easier to clean.  The nets listed here are most useful for landing fish that are under six pounds.

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