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"Offering a new level of inner peace for all Spey fishers." Some days of casting with a Spey outfit are easier than others. Days when you get a lot of tangles in your shooting line are never easy. Casts which produce balls of knitting jammed up against your first stripping guide impair your concentration and pretty quick other facets of your casts suffer as well.
Most Spey casts involve circular motions with the rod, which have a habit of twisting the line. Some types of casts may put a full revolution of twist in your line each cast. As you work down stream through a piece of water, possibly fifty or more revolutions in your line may result. Pretty quick your shooting line is so twisted that executing a cast without tangles becomes nearly impossible.
There are several methods used for un-twisting a Spey line. Undoubtedly you have your method.
Some while back, Josh Linn decided to eliminate the problem altogether. After a lot of trial and adaptation, Josh perfected a way of installing a small barrel swivel between the shooting head and the shooting line. This eliminates line twist and makes tangles in a shooting line virtually a thing of the past.
Josh has moved on, but we still think the Spey Swivel idea is a good one. Currently, Tony Barnes is making all of our Spey Swivel set-ups. They incorporate very small, but very strong, high quality swivels, and lots of attention to detail during assembly.
My prediction is that the AntiRevolution Spey Swivel will be the most copied Spey innovation of the next 10-years, because if you don't have one in each Spey line, you will have tangles. No one wants more tangles. The AntiRevolution Spey Swivel is the best answer for reducing tangles caused by line twist.
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SPEYSWIVEL-B AntiRevolution Spey Swivels, Black, Three-pack $29.95

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