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Mangrove Outfitters Rio Zippered Wallets
Airflo Head Wallet  

Mangrove Outfitters Shooting Head Wallet

This is the real deal for keeping your shooting heads organized. Measuring 5.5" x 6", and made from nylon pack cloth for extreme durability, it allows you to carry five shooting heads without tangles. This unit is large enough to fit five Skagit or Scandi Spey Heads or five large saltwater shooting heads. The Mangrove Outfitters Shooting Head Wallet is unbeatable for value.
  Mangrove Shooting Head Wallet

Mangrove Shooting Head Wallet

Item Description   Price To Top
MA SH WALLET Mangrove Outfitters Shooting Head Wallet   $9.95

Airflo Shooting Head Wallet

This wallet features a handle and heavy nylon pack cloth cover containing six 7 1/2" X 6" zip lock pouches that are held in place by two binding clip rings. Airflo Shooting Heads are now packaged in identical pouches when they are purchased new, and can be simply snapped into this wallet.
Designed by Tim Rajeff to take the “Messing with you Head” out of shooting heads.  The Head Bag will hold a variety of Shooting Heads, Skagit heads, or any number of sink tips.  We have found ourselves using this as our all in one vest/pack/fly box.  Put both your Scandi and Skagit heads, sink tips, poly leaders, tippet material, and your favorite killer bugs. 
Item Description Size Price To Top
Headbag Airflo Shooting Head Wallet 10" X 7" $24.99

Rio Shooting Head and Line Tip Wallets
This partitioned wallet separates your shooting heads and changeable tips into five different compartments. Made from bullet cloth for extreme durability. The whole wallet is accessible to air passing through it so wet components can dry. This is a light weight, extremely practical accessory for keeping your lines organized. The tip wallet comes standard with all Rio VirsiTip lines.
The Large wallet is perfect for organizing up to four Skagit or Scandi Spey shooting heads.

Tip wallet: 4" x 4"
Shooting Head wallet: 5" x 5.5"
Make it easy on yourself. Using a waterproof pen, label your Rio Wallet with the line size and kind it goes with. As you collect more Rio changeable-tip lines labeling the wallets will
save you time and frustration.

Or buy your new Wallet or Rio Changeable-Tip Line from us and we will label it for you.
We've already done hundreds.

Item Description Price To Top
26055 Rio Line Tip Wallet $19.95

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