Scientific Anglers Grand Slam Fly Line

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Scientific Anglers Mastery Textured Grand Slam Saltwater Line
Designed by: Captain Bruce Chard    Buy Now!

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362120 Scientific Anglers Grand Slam Saltwater Fly Line designed by Bruce Chard WF7F $84.95 Out of Stock
362106 Scientific Anglers Grand Slam Saltwater Fly Line designed by Bruce Chard WF11F $84.95 Out of Stock

What Chard says:

The demands for a great salt water fly presentation are high. The New Scientific Anglers Bruce Chard Salt Water Grand Slam Fly Line covers all the bases of a premium salt water fly line. This is why the Chard Line is superior in every way possible.

Front Taper

Salt water fly fishing with a heavy fly and/or with a long leader can make casting and slack-less presentations difficult to say the least. Especially if there is any wind to contend with. My line is designed with an extra short front taper. This helps the energy to be aggressively transferred into the leader system, helping to roll out long leaders with heavier flies into the wind with ease. Having your leader and fly lay out straight is vital to a successful salt water fly presentation.


Many times in the salt a quick short presentation is needed, especially if visibility is reduced. The Chard line is designed with a slightly over weighted belly helping to load your rod immediately for those quick short presentations. With many salt water fly rods these days designed with super fast tapers this line helps to load those rods quick and efficiently.

Rear Taper

Since itís very difficult to transfer energy from a smaller diameter section of fly line (running line) into a larger diameter section of fly line (belly), it is critical to have a longer rear taper to help transfer that energy smoothly into the belly of the line. As long as your rod tip is connected to some part of the rear taper when casting, the transfer of energy from your rod into the belly of the line will be smooth and efficient. The Chard Grand Slam Line was designed with an extra long (twice as long as most other salt water fly lines on the market) rear taper to help carry and control more fly line in the air when casting, dramatically improving distance and accuracy casting, which is so important in salt water fly fishing.

Running Line

Shooting line and having some distance in your cast can be helpful when saltwater fly fishing. The Chard Line has been designed with a slightly smaller diameter running line helping to increase
shoot-abilty there for adding distance all in one.

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