Bass Bug Taper

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Scientific Anglers Bass Bug Taper 
The best line for throwing bass bugs.

Black Bass are the most sought after sport fish in the United States.  While many other species of sport fish populations have been greatly reduced over the last 100-years, bass populations have increased dramatically.  That is because bass been have transplanted to many waters that had been without them.  Also our present civilization has built new bass habitat on a massive scale. Thousands of irrigation, flood-control and hydro-electric dams have impounded gigantic reservoirs. Most have become bass habitat.  Many are near major population centers.  Bass have become the sport fish of the masses.  In many waters bass may be fished with a fly rod as well as any other type of tackle.  Bass can live in very  

shallow water and in the lily pads and edge waters a fly rod is often the best tool to use to catch them.  Fly fishing is the most fun when working from a float tube or pontoon boat.  Surface poppers and hair bugs with weed guards can be very productive much of the spring and summer seasons.  For this kind of fishing you need a line that is customized to the task. The Mastery Bass Bug Taper is the best we've found. It's the perfect design for bass fishing with a powerful head to deliver big, heavy or wind resistant bass flies. This bass bug line has an extended rear taper for smoother distance casting with greater accuracy.                                                                         Buy Now !

Bass Bug Taper.
BASS BUG Specialty Taper
  • Delivers large flies, bass bugs, and poppers smoothly and with greater accuracy
  • Excels in windy conditions
  • Coating excels in warm water
  • Turns over big flies in heavy wind
  • Longer front taper provides smoother casts
  • CORE:
  • Braided multifilament nylon
  • 3M PVC integrated with patented AST
  • COLOR: Optic Yellow
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    546318 Scientific Anglers Mastery Bass Bug Taper Fly Line WF6F $69.95
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