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(pictures and text copied from Scientific Anglers)

Lefty Kreh & friends testing the new lines with AST.

We are passionate scientists. But we're also passionate fly fishermen. Which could explain our enthusiasm over what may be the biggest breakthrough ever in the science of fly fishing: Advanced Shooting Technology (AST). A revolutionary new fly line coating born in the high-tech tradition of innovation at Scientific Anglers. Derived from a breakthrough combination of proprietary 3M technologies and manufacturing processes, AST delivers an unprecedented set of performance characteristics that forever change the standards for floating fly lines.

From the moment that you first slide an AST formulated fly line through your fingers, you'll notice something very different. It's slicker. Much slicker. In fact, lines manufactured with AST deliver a measurably lower coefficient of friction than other fly lines. The result? Higher line speed with the same effort.


Coefficient of Friction Comparison: With a lower coefficient of friction, AST fly lines shoot through the guides at higher speeds with les resistance.

Durability Comparison: (in cycles) AST fly lines are 50% to 100% more durable than most ordinary PVC line coatings for dramatically longer performance life.

Shootability Comparison: The superior shootability of AST fly lines gives you increased casting distance with considerably less effort -- shooting up to 20% farther than conventional lines.

Most of today's floating fly lines rely on a gradual release if internal lubricants (or the application of line dressing) to replentish a surface film of lubrication. Not AST lines The slickness of AST lines is built right into the coating. And, even more importantly, it's permanent. It won't wash off. It won't wear off. And it never needs re-dressing. Occasional upkeep with a Scientific Angler Fly Line Cleaning pad will keep your AST fly line performing like new.

HYDROPHOBIA. Not only are AST lines inherently slick, they're also inherently hydrophobic. Afraid of water? Well, sort of. Powerful, advanced chemical properties are built into the AST line coating to actively repel water, algae and dirt from the line's surface. You can actually see the line shed water. As a result, AST lines stay dramatically cleaner-- providing vastly improved floatation and again \, superior shootability. The water-shedding properties also provide a much-awaited benefit for cold weather anglers. Because water can't cling to the line, rod guides resist icing up -- and your hands stay drier and warmer.

New AST lines are tougher than older PVC coated fly lines. So much tougher in fact that, YOUR ARM MIGHT WEAR OUT BEFORE THE LINE DOES.

For once, the line threw lefty for a loop. "The first time I cast an AST line, I was amazed. It floats higher and shoots better than any other line I have tried." -- Lefty Kreh

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