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RIO has set the new standard for fly lines & leaders. Best known as makers of the world's most innovative Spey  lines, they also build a full assortment of fly lines for all aspects of both fresh and saltwater fly fishing.  Listed here are their most popular lines.  These lines are in stock. 
We will also be happy to special order any other RIO products.

Get a FREE RIO Line when you buy these choice rods:

G. LOOMIS: NRX, PRO4x, CrossCurrent, TWO-HAND

Lines For Freshwater Lines for Two-Hand Rods

RIO AquaLux Lake Line

Steelhead Scandi Line

RIO AquaLux MidgeTip Line

Scandi Short VersiTip

RIO InTouch CamoLux Lake Line

Skagit iFlight

RIO Clouser Line

UniSpey Line

RIO InTouch Deep Lake Lines

Skagit Cheaters

RIO Gold

NEW! GripShooter

RIO Gold Tournament Line

NEW! ConnectCore Shooting Line

Indicator Nymph Line

NEW! RIO Scandi


NEW! Skagit Max

NEW! RIO Perception Trout Line

NEW! Skagit Max Short

RIO Grand

NEW! Skagit Max Long

Skagit Short Spey Body

NEW! Short Head Spey

RIO Trout LT

Switch Line


Line Designation & Weights

Lines For Saltwater

RIO Leaders & Tippet

RIO Bonefish Line

Replacement Tips & Shooting Lines

RIO Bonefish Quickshooter Line

M.O.W. Tips

OutBound Lines

iMOW Tips

RIO Tropical Outbound Lines

Replacement Fly Line Tips

NEW! Leviathan Lines

T-8, T-11, T-14 & T17 For Custom Tips

RIO Redfish Line

Shooting Lines

RIO Saltwater Line

RIO Braided Loops

NEW! RIO Tarpon F/I Short

Leaders & Tippet

RIO Tarpon Lines

Fly Line Temperature Ratings

"Our whole staff at The Fly Fishing Shop uses a lot of RIO Fly Lines & Leaders.
RIO makes my favorite lines for most applications", Mark Bachmann.
Here's the temperature range for RIO line coatings.
Coldwater Rated- 30-60 degrees
Warmwater Rated- 60-80 degrees
Tropical Rated- 75-90 degrees
You can expect adequate performance 5 degrees on either side of these ranges.

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