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RIO Products introduces a stunning new Bonefish line
Mark Bachmann with a Bahamas Bonefish

After two years of testing cores, coatings, tapers and color combinations RIO is proud to announce the launch of the very latest in bonefish fly lines. RIO’s new bonefish fly line features a unique taper design that allows a rod to load at close range. The designed medium-length front taper promotes great turnover, and a long back taper smooths out the casting loop to keep the line stable on long shots. A hard, saltwater coating over a medium stiff core results in a fly line that will not wilt in most tropical conditions, while RIO's dirt-repelling XS Technology keeps the line ultra slick for fast, long casts. The line is also manufactured with RIO’s AgentX undercoat that produces a high floating line that is easy and quiet to pick up off the water, and unlike standard saltwater lines, ensures the running line Rio Bonefish Line
will not sink and tangle while wading. The line’s taper and final design is a direct result of RIO’s commitment to the most involved and dedicated product testing. All possible core permutations were meticulously tested; each taper tweaked and perfected; every color viewed in a multitude of locations and light conditions: The end result is the finest bonefish fly line on the market. The head of the line is a light sand color that is incredibly easy to see in all light conditions, while the contrasting dusty blue running line makes it easy to find the line's perfect loading point. A welded loop at both ends is included for easy rigging.
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