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AFS OutBound Spey Line   Buy Now!
The AFS OutBound has a similar taper design to the AFS shooting head but the body continues seamlessly into a thin, floating shooting line of 0.030" diameter. It is ideal for those that don’t want a connection between the head and the shooting line.
Length: 120 ft
Color: Green/Yellow shooting line with black loading point.
Advanced Flight Spey Shooting heads have a very unique taper design that easily loads up a spey rod either for overhead casting, or for spey, or the underhand casting style. The short body section and long, fine front taper efficiently transfers energy down the length of the head and results in great turnover and a precise presentation of the fly. Incredibly tight loops and effortless casts of easy distance are a result of this unique taper design.
Each AFS floating shooting head is two-colored with the majority of the line being a subtle green color to avoid spooking fish in low and clear water. The rear 15 ft is a visible yellow, allowing the angler to track the line and control how it fishes as it swings through the current.
Both ends of the AFS head feature a small, neat welded loop. Attach a suitable shooting line to the rear loop – either SlickShooter or one of RIO’s Powerflex core shooting lines for the best in performance – and one of RIO’s Powerflex core leaders to the front end for complete depth control. The rear loop is bar-coded for easy recognition.
Essentially this is Rio's version of the popular Vision Ace line.
For rods 13' and shorter in length use AFS with a standard tapered leader or with a PolyLeader 10' or shorter.  For rods longer than 13' a PolyLeader of 10'-15' might be desirable.
AFS Sage Rod Compatibility Chart.

Item Description Size Price To Top
21560 Rio Advanced Flight Spey, Full Floating OutBound line 4/5, 300 gr. $89.95

AFS OutBound Line Specifications
Rear Taper
Front Taper
Total Head
7/8 F 82.5 2 6 0.088 29.5 0.5 0.047 37.5 460 120 25
8/9 F 81.5 2 6 0.093 30.5 0.5 0.049 38.5 520 120 25
9/10 F 80.5 2 6 0.096 31.5 0.5 0.05 39.5 580 120 30
10/11 F 79.5 2 6 0.1 32.5 0.5 0.051 40.5 640 120 30

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