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Scientific Anglers XLT
What’s with this new Spey line?

The SA Mastery Spey XLT is the first commercially available true “long belly” Spey line.  Hundreds of hours of development and testing have gone into the design and production of this product, the latest in the Mastery series of fly lines. Each XLT has a long complex continuous forward taper design, comprising nearly all of the “belly” of the line.  The XLT was developed to facilitate: 

  • Crisp turnover at any distance
  • Delicate presentations, even when fishing “fine and far off”
  • Maximize casting efficiency by essentially eliminating the need to strip and shoot line
  • Maximize line (thus fly) control during the swing, even with heavy sinking tips
  • Improve casting performance at any distance; the critical forward taper sections are extremely forgiving
  • Provide unparalleled distance casting potential; even beyond the long “belly”, the line can be shot to backing if the situation needs or the caster is capable
  • Provide the caster with unparalleled “feel” for rod loading during any Spe-style cast

The new XLT is available in the following sizes: 6/7, 7/8, 8/9, 9/10, and 10/11.  The length of the belly increases with increasing line weight ratings, starting at 85 feet for the 6/7, and increasing to 110 feet for the 10/11. 

The XLT incorporates a special low stretch multi-filament core and SA’s patented AST technology.  New users may find the need for larger reel capacities.

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