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Carron lines have dominated Spey Casting Distance Competitions throughout the last decade. The Carron Team has more World Championships than all other teams put together. Carron's unique insights into "Competition Fly Line Design" gives them an advantage for building fishing lines as well. You can only catch what you can reach. Carron lines are a perfect fit for many North American, as well as Eurasian fishing applications. Local anglers will find that Carron Lines are perfect for floating line fisheries, such as the Deschutes, John Day and Clearwater Rivers.

The unique coating of their Jetstream lines gives the angler a supple, smooth-running and memory free line that flows with ease and guarantees perfect presentation with every cast. The angler also has the added comfort in that the extra length in the line allows him to play a fish in the knowledge that he does not have to worry about backing and knots causing extra friction in the rod guides.
  • Carron Jetstream Spey lines offer the angler an exceptional fishing line with fantastic reserves for long distance casting. The unique profiling of the taper allows distance casting to be achieved with ease.
  • The new range of Carron Jetstream Spey lines, incorporate all the ingredients of a top quality fly line.
  • Unique coating. Supple and memory free.
  • Highly visible color change to identify pick up point for consistent ease of casting.
  • Advanced tapering allows perfect presentation
  • Modern poly leaders and sink tips can be cast with ease using the "Next Generation” Spey lines .
  • Designed by fishermen for fishermen.

Carron-55 Floating Spey Line

The word is out. This is the line that will convince you that longer belly lines are easy and practical for many steelhead situations in the Pacific Northwest. New twin colors.
Scottish lines are sized different than American lines.
(More Explanation On How To Choose Carron Lines)
An 8/9 Carron-55 fits an American 7/8 rod, etc.
Total Line Length: 120', 40 yd.
Head length: 55'.
Carron-55: Bright Yellow running line, Sky Blue head.
Item Description Size Price To Top
CJS55-89 Carron-55, Full Floating Spey Line 8/9 $150.00
CJS55-910 Carron-55, Floating Spey Line 9/10 $150.00
CJS55-1011 Carron-55, Floating Spey Line 10/11 $150.00

Carron-65 Floating Spey Line

The much anticipated twin color floating Carron lines have arrived in Welches, Oregon. These lines have been engineered & tested by Carron Team Captain, James Chalmers, along with the deep thinking and hard work of Ruairi Costello, and Gerard Downey. The Carron-65 is a long distance fishing line you will appreciate on big rivers. These lines are designed to turnover sinking tips and poly leaders, which is sure to be a big help during adverse conditions.. 
Carron-65: green running line, Sky Blue head. Like the Carron-55 above, the Carron-65 is a size light in weight to fit American Standards. (More Explanation On How To Choose Carron Lines).
Carron 8/9 = American 7/8, etc.
Total Line Length: 150', 50 yd.
Head length: 65'.
Carron-65: Bright Spring Grass Green running line, Sky Blue head.

Item Description Size Price To Top
CJS65-89 Carron-65, Floating Spey Line 8/9 $157.00
CJS65-910 Carron-65, Floating Spey Line 9/10 $157.00
CJS65-1011 Carron-65, Floating Spey Line 10/11 $157.00

Carron Team Captain, James Chalmers - Sandy River Spey Clave 2012!

James Chalmers is pictured here with a 40+ pound salmon from the River Alta, Norway.
There is not enough to be said about James Chalmers.
He is many things: a line wizard, casting bad ass, history major, and has more connections to the fishing world than maybe anybody. We are looking forward to his on-the-water presentation: Saturday, May 19, 11:30 to noon.

How Carron Lines Are Different!
Or Is It The American Lines That Are Different?

By: Travis Johnson

American Spey line designations are viewed as being slightly different than the rest of the world. We here in the Americas are known for putting heavy lines and heavy line weights on our Spey rods, so the Carron 8/9 would be more like an American 7/8.

A great feature of the Carron line family is that they are made to be fine tuned and customized by the fisherman. For the most part, these lines fit perfectly on 13' and longer rods. In today's market there are many 12' and 12'6" #5-#7 rods in use. Carron lines can be altered to fit these sizes of rods too. Please call Travis for advice.

Here is a list of some of the most popular American rods used with Carron lines:

7133 Winston B2X 55' and 65' 8/9

8130 G Loomis NRX 55' 65' 8/9

10150 g Loomis NRX 55' 65' 10/11

7136 sage Z-Axis 55' 8/9

8134 sage Z-axis 55' 65' 9/10

9143 sage Z-axis 55' 65' 10/11

7133 sage VXP 55' 65' 8/9

8136 sage VXP 55' 65' 9/10

9140 sage TCX 55' 65' 9/10

10150 sage TCX 55' 65' 10/11

Carron Lines work well with many other rods. Don't be afraid to call for recommendations.

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